Citing Unpublished Cases in Washington County Courts: An Explanation for Lawyers and Litigation

Washington’s unpublished opinions are decisions from Washington’s legal cases that were not published in Washington’s appellate reports. Most legal decisions in Washington remain unpublished, making unpublished opinions a huge source of persuasive authority.
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For many years, litigation and attorneys in the state of Washington have been confused as to whether and when they can cite unpublished opinions to state courts. This article wants to resolve the confusion.
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1. A source of confusion and anxiety. The confusion stems from an appellant-level rule in Washington banning the citation of unpublished appellate-level opinions in Washington state courts. Washington courts have interpreted this appellate rule differently.
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Some courts have pursued litigation that could never cite unpublished opinions of Washington in any Washington State proceedings, including trials; other litigation courts could cite all of Washington’s unpublished cases in all non-appellate proceedings, such as trials. Ownership divergence has caused significant uncertainty and anxiety in litigation.
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In late 2007 and early 2008, anxiety rose to perhaps its highest point. In September 2007, General Rule 14.1 prohibited the citation of unpublished opinions at the appellate level to any court in the State, including the Courts of Justice.
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Yet the 2008 Supreme Court case in Washington Oltman v. Holland America, 163 Wn.2d 236 supported the litigation of unpublished opinions before the trial court. The general rule and the Supreme Court tried to resolve the same issue but gave seemingly contradictory directions.
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2 Current rules that address confusion and anxiety. Fortunately, the 2007 general rule and the 2008 Supreme Court release are fairly straightforward to reconcile. In 2008, the Supreme Court had a specifically applied law from the period preceding the 2007 general rule.
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Therefore, the 2007 general rule is likely to govern where conflict might otherwise occur. The 2007 general rule and subsequent case law give us the following cohesive principles:
А. There is no citation of an unpublished Washington appeal level opinion. First, General Rule 14.1 (a) expressly prohibits parties from invoking the unpublished opinion of appellant at the Washington level in their Washington process.
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The official comments of the compilers confirm that this general rule prohibits the citation of appellate cases at the appellant level in Washington to any court in Washington, including trial-level courts.
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B. OK to cite unpublished opinions of other Washington courts. There does not appear to be a prohibition in Washington to cite unpublished opinions of other Washington courts, such as the Washington State and district courts.
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The compiler notes of General Rule 14.1 confirm this assumption, as does the holding company of Oltman v. Holland America.
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C. It may cite foreign unpublished cases if it can cite them in a foreign jurisdiction. Unpublished opinions from non-Washington jurisdictions may be referenced in the Washington courts to the extent they may be indicated in the jurisdiction from which they came.
As stated in Washington Rule 14.1 (b), a litigation calling for a foreign unpublished case is required to file and serve copies of the foreign case so that the judge and other litigation can read the case in advance.
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These three principles can be a little complicated. But at least lawyers and litigants can finally determine with relative certainty what unpublished opinions a party can and cannot cite a judge.
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Domestic Violence There is no contact account in the state of Washington

There is no domestic violence crime in Washington State. Domestic violence is a mark placed on other offenses that indicate that there is a connection between families or households between the parties involved. Most jurisdictions will impose a contact order prohibiting a defendant in a domestic violence case (“DV”) from contacting the alleged victim of a crime. The order will often prohibit contact with the victim’s children, residence and place of work.
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Family or family relationship

According to RCW 10.99.020 (3), family or household members are defined as:

(S) Browns, former spouses, persons having a common child whether or not married or cohabiting at any time, blood or marriage-related adults, adults who are currently cohabiting or have resided in the past, persons older than sixteen years of age or older, currently residing together or permanently residing in the past and having or having an affair, persons sixteen or older with whom the person is sixteen years of age or older have been or has been in contact, as well as persons having biological or parent-child legal relationships, including stepmothers and stepfathers, and grandparents and grandchildren.
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As you can see, this definition is extremely broad. It is far more inclusive than what most people would expect it to be. The same goes for the types of crimes that are labeled “domestic violence.” Most people only think of assault when it comes to domestic violence, however there are many other crimes that can carry the DV tag.

Mandatory arrest

According to RCW 10.31.100 (2) (c), the clerk must make an arrest if: A person is sixteen years of age or older and has assaulted a family or household member as specified in RCW 10.99.020 in the previous four hours, and the officer believes:

(i) a criminal attack occurred;

(ii) an assault occurred that resulted in the victim’s bodily injury, whether or not the responding officer noticed the injury; or

(iii) that any physical activity has occurred that has the purpose of justifying the other person of imminent bodily harm or death. Physical injury means physical pain, illness or impairment of physical condition. When an officer has a legitimate reason to believe that the family or household members committed the attack, they are not required to arrest each other. The officer shall arrest the person the officer considers to be the primary physical aggressor. In deciding, the clerk will do his best to consider:

(i) intent to protect victims of domestic violence in accordance with RCW 10.99.010;

(ii) the comparative extent of the injuries or serious threats that cause fear of physical harm; i

(iii) a history of domestic violence between the persons involved.

If you are arrested for a crime involving domestic violence, a contact order without seizure will be immediately received.

No contact account

There are two types of contact orders in Washington State: before trial and after sentencing. Both types of warrant prevent the defendant from contacting the alleged victim. However, neither type prevents the victim from trying to contact the defendant, since only the defendant goes to jail if he violates the order. In other words, Contact Orders do not limit the defendant’s conduct alone.

Before trial

Pre-trial orders are issued against the defendant (sometimes referred to as the defendant) before being convicted of having done anything wrong. The orders may preclude contact between the defendant and the alleged victim of the crime, the victim’s victim (even if it is the defendant’s children), the victim’s workplace, and the victim’s victim (even if it is also the defendant’s home).

In other words, these orders can drive you away from home and children before you are convicted of a crime at all. This is true even if the victim says that nothing happened or that everything that happened is blown out of proportion.

Pre-trial orders remain in force until a criminal case is reached or until a judge has quashed it.

Post-jail prison

A non-contact warrant issued after conviction may have the same types of restrictions as pre-bankruptcy orders do. Post-conviction orders are generally good for a year, but the judge can extend it if he or she finds the facts to justify it.

Civilian standby

Because a warrantless contact can prevent you from going to your own home, courts will usually allow you one trip home to get your clothes and several personal items. However, you must be accompanied by a law enforcement official. This process is called “civilian standby.” You need to contact a law enforcement agency and schedule a time for civilian standby. Keep in mind, however, that this is a low priority action for most law enforcement agencies, so civilian readiness will only be exercised when they have time to spare.

Non-contact order violation

Deliberate breach of a contact order is not a grave breach; which means you can get up to a year in prison and a $ 5,000 fine. Since the violation of domestic violence is not by any contact in itself marked as domestic violence, your right to possess or possess a firearm will be taken away by conviction – even if it has not been used, possessed, mentioned or otherwise used or imagined . This is true even where the basic criminal case for which the Contact Order was issued is dismissed.

Being in a public place, or even in a courtroom, is not a defense to disrupt order. This means that if a warrant is issued against you and you see a security person at the store, then you must leave. Accidental contact cannot technically violate a warrant, but you may have to go before a judge to defend yourself. Aside from the stress involved, you may need to spend more money to hire a lawyer.

Even if the victim calls for contact, the respondent may face jail time if violated. What I often see in my cases is the following scenario:

Two people have a relationship. Something’s going on and it’s called the police. Because of everyone’s sensitivity to “domestic violence”, police are wrong to accuse someone. The contact order then takes its place, preventing two people from contacting each other. It can also make one of them unexpectedly homeless – but that’s a different question. People, as people, want to solve the problem, and the alleged victim contacts the defendant and says something in the sense of, “I’m sorry this is all happening. Come home and I’ll make it worth your while. “The problem, of course, is that the defendant raised the alleged victim on offer. Generally, legal problems for the defendant multiply shortly thereafter as the happy couple goes out to celebrate their renewed relationship only to pull” slowly and go “at the stop sign – or some other minor traffic offenses. They are then stopped by police. When the officer executes the passenger information, he skips the contact order above and the defendant is arrested and then taken to jail where he is now facing an additional charge.

Removing an account

It is very difficult to remove a pre-trial order without contact once it is established. Even if the victim comes and testifies before the judge that an order is not needed, most judges will leave the order in place.

One strategy is for the defendant to be evaluated by the Domestic Violence Agency. If the counselor wishes to tell the judge that the defendant would not be a danger to the victim if the order were removed, then the judge may revoke the order. The treatment agency may want to place the defendant in classes before agreeing to make a recommendation to a judge.

Another strategy is to ask the Court to amend the Order without C0ontact to allow marital counseling. Some judges will require that contact be allowed only as long as a third party monitors them from the treatment agency.

Once the contact order has not been modified to allow conditional contact, it is more likely that the judge will remove the order later unless there is a new problem.

Victims’ rights

Most prosecutors have a domestic violence lawyer. This person’s job is to help the victim of a domestic crime, understand what services are available to them, and help them be informed as the court process progresses.

I have seen numerous cases where the victim does not want the contact order to be in effect. Going through the victim advocacy persona can sometimes be helpful.

Most courts have a form that the alleged victim can fill out by asking the judge to drop the contact order. In my experience, most judges will maintain order even after the victim asks to be dismissed. Although the order remains in effect, a victim seeking to have it removed is still valuable as it could later be useful for removing the order.

Gun rights

Conviction for a crime marked by domestic violence will cause you to lose the right to possess or possess a firearm. This is a lifetime ban.

An example

In one case I had, a husband was arrested on a domestic violence charge when he threw a bowl into their kitchen sink during an altercation and smashed it. The argument was heard by a nearby neighbor who called police. Police arrived and when they looked into the sink, they found a chopped bowl and arrested her husband for malicious misconduct for domestic violence. There was no allegation that the husband threw the bowl to his wife or even nearby. Because Washington is a community-owned state, both husband and wife had an ownership interest in the vessel, so by chopping their vessel, the husband damaged property belonging to another (i.e., his wife) and was therefore liable for malicious misrepresentation. Without defense attorneys, the husband (who had no previous criminal history) pleaded guilty at the deal. He was given a one-year contact order that did not stop him from going home for a year or any contact with his wife.

Had the husband contacted a lawyer before pleading guilty, he may not have had a verdict at all. Even if there was a conviction, a lawyer could help him avoid such a lengthy contact order.

Copyright (c) 2007 The Cahoon Law Office – All rights reserved.

How to Compare Low Cost Health Insurance in Washington

People interested in cheap health insurance in Washington state need one thing before deciding which plan is best for them. They need to know what their options are and what each option provides in a way that covers them and their families.

In Washington, there are several options available to people who do not have a lot of money for health insurance. For those in the lowest income bracket, they may qualify for basic health care provided by the state. If you do not, you will need to do some research on what the health insurance plan is for you.

The best way to compare different affordable health insurance plans is to collect a few quotes. This can be a frustrating experience because insurance agents typically pay a commission, meaning they will fight tooth and nail for work. The best approach is to have a list of benefits that you absolutely must have. Call a few different health insurance companies and look for a price based on those benefits only.

Not only do you have to keep in mind how much coverage you need, but also be aware of every fine print. Most policies have an annual cap on prescription drug costs, dental benefits, and vision coverage. Keep an eye on what each company has to offer in this area before making a final decision.

Many low cost plans require the individual to pay a supplement for each doctor visit. Make sure you afford it before you commit to the plan. Also inquire about discounts that may be available if you pay premiums upfront as opposed to monthly installments. If this is an option, such an approach can offer you a little more savings.

Exhaustion – The Benefits of Deleting Your Washington Criminal Record

In Washington State, a criminal conviction may be waived if you meet the criteria.

The explosion of criminal records is often misunderstood, because there is a lot of misinformation about the causes of the causes and the benefits of expulsion. In Washington State, deleting a criminal complaint is called a conviction. Expungement is a common layman familiar with, while Vacating is a legal name.

People sometimes forget about the old criminal conviction, especially for lesser charges, until they go for a promotion or try to buy a weapon. And that old criminal record pops up. An ejected criminal record provides benefits other than clearing your records. The following are the five most common benefits of rejuvenation in Washington State.

1. Employment
After deleting your criminal conviction, Washington state law allows you to declare that you have not been convicted of employment. A conviction is removed from the official record of state criminal history, and a criminal history check shows you do not have a criminal conviction. Dropping lowers your conviction, making it easier to apply for a new job or promotion in your existing business.

2. Erase the awkward past
Many people with a criminal record in their records, especially for lesser charges, have been convicted as a result of poor judgment many years in the past. They are no longer the same person, but they are disadvantaged as they are because the record still follows them. Cleaning up criminal records helps wipe the slate clean.

3. Renting an apartment or qualifying for a home loan
Exhaustion does not directly affect these, but it can help. If your criminal record is deleted, it will be easier to pass a past check. With more frequent checks, especially for renting an apartment, the sentencing of a criminal conviction makes one less obstacle and less stress.

4. Own a firearm
In Washington State, one of the criteria for restoring your right to possess a firearm (for some offenses) is whether the conviction that caused the suspension of the right to fire was revoked. A conviction exemption allows you to regain your gun rights and buy or own a weapon. This can be a great benefit for hunters.

5. Obtaining a professional or other employment license.
Washington state law allows you to declare that you have not been convicted of employment. However, you may be required to disclose a criminal conviction, even if revoked, for certain types of licensing requirements. An ejected criminal record closes the book on it and shows that you have fulfilled all the requirements. Cleaning up your criminal record also shows that you have used your responsibility to take all the legal steps regarding your conviction.

A criminal conviction can be pronounced in a few short weeks in Washington State. Expungement offers a variety of benefits, including cleaning up your criminal record and eliminating the adverse past. If you have a criminal conviction, you should take advantage of the legal rights at your disposal.

Washington Post; Is that stupid?

It used to be that every morning all politicians and bureaucrats picked up the Washington Post to see what it said, and lately many people find it simply irrelevant and no longer sell out in Starbucks. Why this?

The Washington Post has a subscription or so they say, and yet the material is not really worth reading. Many articles have a liberal bias to pervert and I guess that’s good and good for people on the Maryland side, or should I say Merry Land.

Still, the Washington Post was once an esteemed newspaper, and now they seem to be writing well in eighth grade and don't really tell people much more than they did on the nightly news. In fact, it seems to be somewhat regurgitated information and inclined towards the irrelevant side.

It is amazing that the Washington Post continues to be respected with that level of reading in eighth grade because it is at the heart of our nation and you would hope that the people who run the country would be smarter than that and more interested in reading more meaningful material.

People in the Washington, DC, are fatiguing or it's the Washington Post. Is it often said that the press and newspapers are just a reflection of the whole society or are they provoking it? Think about it in 2006.

Washington State Laws and Penalties

In Washington, the penalties and costs involved in driving are steep. Receiving an injury of this nature can bring people back years. This is no coincidence because most states in the US, including Washington, have enacted laws that make DUIs really hurt.

What exactly is DUI in Washington State? By law, driving under the influence means that you drive a motor vehicle with an alcohol level of 0.08% or higher and if you are a minor.02% or more. Although the laws are specific for people who drink and drive, you can break even if you reach those over-the-counter levels such as cough syrup or other prescription drugs.

What are the penalties and costs?

The first most obvious cost of getting a DWI has nothing to do with the state. Unlike other states that have your vehicle mandate towed when you receive this violation, Washington State says you can leave your car in the general vicinity at the discretion of police officers. The police giving you a DUI will make this decision and many times will be based on how much you respect them and your attitude. Because of some other laws I'll explain later if your car is towed, you probably won't be able to pull it out for at least three days. This will cost you $ 300- $ 500 just to get your car out of jail.

What is Washington State doing?

There is a mandatory prison of 24 hours. This is not negotiable. If you have had previous offenses or if your alcohol has been above 15%, your mandatory prison time is 48 hours.

Your driving license will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days, and at the discretion of the judge, may be suspended for a maximum of four years. When it comes to suspending a driver's license, local judges have a lot of power over that. They may decide to open the light or knock you down depending on your attitude and past insults.

You also need to pay a mandatory $ 200 fee to request a "driving under the influence" hearing. Whether you are found guilty or not, there is no refund.

The state of Washington imposes a $ 350- $ 5,000 fine on you when you are caught driving while exceeding the legal limit. Again, roughly as a term of license suspension, a judge has almost complete control over the amount of the fine. If you like to eat, put a penalty to a minimum. If not, you will work for a while to pay that amount.

The last thing that happens when you get a DUI has to do with your car insurance. If you have low rates, you can say goodbye to that. If you have high rates, prepare for newer rates you never thought possible. You will now need special car insurance called "SR 22." This special type of auto insurance can be 30% -200% more than usual policies.

With all these penalties in mind, you can clearly see why it is best to avoid receiving this type of violation at all costs. If you are at a bar or nightclub and think you are close.08%, call a friend or a taxi. If you are in a friend's house and you feel like you might be nearing the legal limit, either wait for a while or not drive.

Costs are not worth the risk. The state of Washington, as well as other states, violates and enforces laws that aim to prevent drunk driving. Too many people have been killed at the Association of "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" and lobbying hard to keep the books sharp. People who ignore the fact that they are going to pay in the future are also successful.

A Look at the Law of the CJ of Washington State

"C.J.'s Law," a law passed in Washington state in 1998, requires that certain cube-style trucks have rear-view mirrors or a rear-view device to alert the driver when someone or something is behind the vehicle.

A young child, C. J. Norton, was tragically killed in Lynnwood, Washington, in a parking lot when his back delivery truck ran into him. The desire for a new law that protects not only children but also all people from these kinds of accidents has pushed CJ's grandparents. These types of delivery vehicles now need to install mirrors or other devices as a way of warning drivers to threaten before they start backing up their vehicles. The law was passed by the Washington State Legislature in 1998 and entered into force in September of that year.

Now every truck type registered or headquartered in Washington state that is equipped with a load box of up to 18 feet and used to deliver goods or commercial services must be equipped with a rearview mirror or other safety device to alert the driver that behind the vehicle is someone or something. This law does not include recreational vehicles such as caravans or rental trucks used for the transportation of personal property such as moving vans.

Security devices required may be rear-view mirrors, a laser detector, video cameras, or any other motion-sensitive device capable of detecting the movement of a person or object at least six feet away from the rear of the vehicle.

Many less than eighteen feet long vans and delivery vans are exempt from this law; for example minivans, delivery jeeps and standard-size vans.

Phillips may regret refusing to trade competitors in Washington and Arizona

Brandon Phillips, who vetoes any trade, used that power twice during the winter. Last month, he made a deal that would send him from Cincinnati to Washington, where he would reunite with longtime Reds manager Dusty Becker, as he began his first year as Nationals skipper.

Many baseball players have questioned Phillips & # 39; decision, feeling he would be much happier playing for the team that is the favorite to win the flag. Instead, he will be stuck in Cincinnati on a team that is in total rebuilding.

Several former major leaguers have dealt with the problem on the MLB Network, believing that every player wants to get to the World Series at some point in their careers. Phillips, they said, will regret his decision not to go to Washington after his career is over.

In fact, he might regret it before. In fact, they may regret it as soon as Opening Day 2016, just two months away.

Phillips can easily be found on the bench as the Reds transfer second base to a younger player. Cincinnati Vice President Walt Jocketty alluded to the possibility during a speech about the Reds' winter caravan.

One of the prospects Cincinnati have acquired in the Todd Frazier trade is Jose Peraza, whose best position is second base. Jocketty said Peraza could beat Phillips for the starting job this year.

"Phillips is another veteran, but if we think Perez is better, he'll get a chance to play," Jocketty said Cincinnati Enquirer reporter C. Trent Rosecranz on Saturday, January 30th.

After blocking his contract with Washington, Phillips then refused to trade in Arizona. Perhaps the fact that, not once, but now twice, handcuffed to a job that would improve their recovery effort, led Cincinnati to the process of paying Phillips to sit on the bench.

Cincinnati would be justified in sitting down Phillips to let Peraz play. After all, Peraza is the second-best second baseman in baseball and already has Major League experience.

Phillips, on the other hand, will play his contract by the time the Reds become candidates again. He can control whether he wants to be traded, but the Reds control if he plays at all.

The Gold Star veteran glove is certainly one of the Reds ’most popular, and they obviously love it in Cincinnati. However, his view of Queen City may not look good as he looked it from the excavation, instead of a diamond, at Great American Ball Park.

What Attorneys Need to Know About Debt Recovery in Washington State

John Doe Inc. ("JDI"), a fictional Washington business, has received poor legal advice on a commonly misunderstood subject – the old debt limit. The lawyer told the company not to complain about legal proceedings against large accounts that initially failed six years ago. According to the lawyer, "given that the account holders initially failed more than six years ago, the statute of limitations would have expired on your claims."

The lawyer's advice was completely wrong in this situation, and the bad advice potentially cost JDI the value of the large accounts against which JDI still had valid claims. The tip was wrong about sporadic partial payments to overdue accounts. Partial payments to account holders by JDI probably removed any timeline in the considered billing lawsuits.

In Washington, contract statute of limitations is refreshed every time a debtor makes a partial payment to a creditor. The Washington Legislature codified this legal principal in accordance with RCW 4.16.270, also known as the & # 39; Partial Payment Statute & # 39; or & # 39; Debt Recovery Statute & # 39 ;. The statute for partial payments reads as follows:

Where any payment of principal or interest has been or will be made under any existing contract, whether in the form of a bill of exchange, promissory note, bond or other proof of indebtedness, if such payment has been made after it has become due, the limit shall begin to run. since the last payment was made.

Early 20th century jurisprudence dating from J. M. Arthur & Co. against Burke, 83 Wash. 690 (1915) made it difficult for creditors to prove qualified partial payments for debt repayment purposes. But a couple of 1950s Supreme Court cases were implicitly nullified or restricted Arthur and his offspring. The turning point was the Supreme Court case Wickwire v. Reard, 37 Wn.2d 748, 751-59 (1951). That's where the Washington Supreme Court actually differed Arthur and numerous other cases that have placed a heavy burden of proof on partial payment arguments. Four years later – 1955 – Washington Supreme Court opinion u Keen v. O & # 39; Rourke, 48 Wn.2d 1, 2-4 (1955) further restricted Arthur and his offspring in dicta. The Keen The court suggested a line of possession from Arthur should be limited to their "unusual" facts as they included scenarios that strongly indicate that no qualifying payments were made.

Since 1955 Keen No appellate opinion, published or otherwise, appears to have resolved the challenge of the sufficiency of the evidence in a partial argument for payment. See, e.g., Hamilton v. Pearce, 15 Wn.App. 133, 135-39 (1976); Hopper v. Hemphill, 19 Wn.App. 334, 336 (1978); Watters v. Doud, 92 Wn.2d 317, 319-21 (1979); Greer v. Whatcom Meadows Camping Ass & # 39; n, 84 Wn.App. 1101 (1997); Nilson v. Castle Rock Sch. Dist., 88 Wn.App. 627, 631 (1997); Citibank S. Dakota, N.A. against Cramer, 139 Wn.App. 1089 (2007); Hansen v. Anderson, 147 Wn.App. 1009 (2008). The watershed Wickwire i Keen The cases appear to have sufficiently signaled the end of abnormally high evidentiary expectations in cases of partial payments.

Savvy creditors and Washington business attorneys have more reason than ever to consider the statute for partial payments before leaving old debts.

How to Spend the Fall in Washington |

Washington DC is best known for being the capital of the United States, often referred to as "Capital City", with a population of just over 600,000. Washington DC is known for its architecture, among other things, and boasts of at least 7 different styles across the city, including Châteauesque, Beaux-Arts, various Victorian styles, and more.

If you are a fan of architecture, then Washington DC is without a doubt the most interesting spot for you. Why not go to Georgetown University and take on the Romanesque and Gothic Revival style. This building is quite different from the one surrounding it and makes a great visit.

If sports is more your thing, then you're in luck! Check out the Washington Nationals baseball team and enjoy watching the game in the fall. With a brand new stadium that the team just loves to show off, you can rest assured that you will have a great time.

No vacation in Washington is complete without a visit to the White House; why not see if you can book a tour and see where the President of the United States lives? It is an extraordinary tour and it would be a shame to miss this opportunity for a lifetime. It may be your luck and you can even see the president himself.

After checking out the current Presidents & # 39; home, why not take a look at the wonderful Ronald Reagan Building, this building is proud to be the largest in the entire neighborhood and covers an incredible 3.1 million square feet, which you should not miss because you simply cannot miss!

Anywhere in the world the fall is beautiful, but the fall in Washington is spectacular and you must not miss, with a huge array of colors and thanks to its mid-Atlantic location, you can enjoy a fresh and clear day in beautiful Washington

Honor the veterans by visiting the Lincoln Memorials and WWII National Memorial. They can be found south of the White House; at the east end of the reflecting pool. You will find Korean War Veterans and Vietnam Veterans where you can pay tribute to the great soldiers and women.

To visit a place like this means that all Washington hotels will be top quality. Be sure to find one that fits your budget and relax in the knowledge that your stay will be great. Book your Washington vacation today and get ready to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Tourist Attractions in Washington

Washington is the capital of the United States, located in the federal district known as the "District of Columbia," located between the states of Maryland and Virginia. The city is home to all three branches of the US government (executive, legislative, and judicial), as well as various other governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations (including, for example, the International Monetary Fund, the United States Organization, and the World Bank).

As you might expect, there are many places of interest, historic sites and attractions that visitor Washington D.C. can see. This of course includes government buildings, monuments and historic sites, but there are also many art galleries and museums. Some special places to look for include:

* Jefferson Memorial – A memorial to Thomas Jefferson, who of course was one of the founders of the United States and later was the third president of the United States.

* Lincoln Memorial – Abraham Lincoln, of course, was the president who led the United States during the American Civil War (1861 to 1865).

* Washington Monument – This is a white obelisk that is more than 500 feet high. It is a memorial to George Washington, who was (as you probably already know) a leading American general during the American Revolution (1775 to 1783) and later the 1st President of the United States.

* National Museum of Air and Space – This is a very popular museum, in fact perhaps the most visited museum in the world. It has many exhibits relating to the history of aviation and space travel and is definitely worth a visit.

* White House – This iconic building is the primary residence and workplace of the US President. Although it has been widely publicized in the past, today, since 9/11, access is much more restricted.

Best Luxury Hotels in Washington, DC

Washington DC should be on the list of all world travelers, as the seat of the US government. This lovely capital has many historical monuments and great shopping, but it is not a cheap place to visit. There are many luxury hotels in Washington DC from which to explore the area's museums, parks and monuments. Washington DC is often overshadowed by New York City and the bright lights of Las Vegas, a sympathetic and hospitable city, subject to exploration on foot.

The two-mile National Market Park, which runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the gleaming Capitol, is lined with trees, statues and classic white buildings. Take a look at the White House, tour the National Pantheon-like Art Gallery, Jefferson Memorial, and make time to head across the Potomac to the green acres of Arlington National Cemetery.

Here are some of the best luxury Washington hotels to choose from:

Four Seasons Hotel
With its good service, comfortable beds and elegant furniture, Four Seasons is one of the best luxury hotels in Washington. Located at the elegant end of town in Georgetown, the discreet service and high-end amenities really appreciate it.

Renaissance Mayflower
In a similar style and quality to the Four Seasons only, Renaissance Mayflower is Washington's largest luxury hotel. He is also a member of the Historic Hotels of America and recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation. The hotel is conveniently located near most of the attractions in its business district.

Hotel Monticello
More modest in size and style than other luxury hotels, Hotel Monticello offers excellent accommodation for business guests and tourists alike. Conveniently located in historic Georgetown, this cozy luxury hotel whales all the way around.

Hotel George
This modern hip hotel is located for those who want to walk to Washington's main attractions. Along with cute artwork and contemporary décor, it is very eco-friendly. High-tech features include plasma TVs and iPod docking stations, and its style will surely appeal to the younger generation.