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Condos to Everett Washington


There are apartments for sale across the United States. Their prices vary as much as their locations (from cheap to very expensive). Some people use a holiday apartment while others live in their apartment all year long. In many cases, you have to work less yards than live in a home.
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You have no neighbors around you, like an apartment. You will probably have to pay a homeowners association fee, which you would not need in some apartments or if you have your own home (depending on where your home is located). Condos are also a great investment idea as they are popular as holiday apartments.

Homeowners Association:

Living in a condominium is a great idea if you are not bored with yard work. This is because condoms have little or no yard, and the small yard you have will be taken care of by someone from the homeowners association. If you are looking at condos for sale, you should understand that if your apartment is adjacent to a condo, you will probably be asked to belong to a homeowners association.
The homeowners association pays the person who maintains all the yards. They also fix anything that goes wrong with your apartment, including electrical, sewer, heating and other problems. While all of this is great, you have to pay a monthly homeowner association fee, which is probably not less than $ 100. If you run into problems with a homeowners association, there are lawyers who specialize in litigation.

Your neighborhood:

Some condos are located next to the golf course. The rest have swimming pools, weight training rooms, miniature golf, recreation centers and playrooms. Accessories that come with a condom can determine the age of people living in a neighborhood.
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If you are interested in being around people your age, simply ask the apartment manager how many people live in the neighborhood.

Advantages of staying in an apartment on your vacation:

Although there are many apartments for sale, there are also apartments for rent. Because many people use their apartment as a second home or vacation home, great vacation rentals can be rented for a week or longer.
Renting an apartment has some benefits that the hotel does not have: the apartments are equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer, and more space than a hotel room.

Renting an apartment:

After you have purchased your own apartment, you may need to look for other apartments for sale in the area, buy and rent them. This is one good way to invest your money. Sometimes flats are attached and form duplexes. You can buy a duplex condo and rent half. If your apartment is in a resort, you can rent it from week to week or you can rent it permanently.
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One thing to remember if you are renting a property: You may have to pay income tax. You will also have to pay property taxes as well as have someone clean the apartment after each landlord, unless you decide for yourself. Understand this in whatever amount you charge for rent.

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Washington Family Activities


Washington DC is a fun and exciting place to visit for kids and adults alike. However, visiting one monument after another and touring all the political buildings might be too overwhelming for your children. So try to mingle in a couple of these fun, interactive places.
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National Zoo
This is probably the absolute best place to go with your kids. You could probably spend a few days looking at the 400 different species of animals they have there. I suggest you talk to your kids before you go, so you know what animals they want to see. Stop by them, see a few others, and make sure they see animals they’ve never seen at other zoos. If you are short on funds, do not worry, as admission to this zoo is free.

The discovery of Theater
Before you leave the Smithsonian, or simply return the next day, stop by the Discovery Theater. It is located in the Ripley Center of the National Mall and is a live theater designed for school-age children. The shows are MF 10-11: 30 and are usually stories and stories told in dance, music, puppet shows and more.

Washington Monument
This may not be a lengthy activity, but take the kids to the top and visit the George Washington Monument. Most kids will prefer to see the monument than the monument and will easily spend 20-30 minutes showing all the little things below.

Glen Echo Park
This park is open year-round and offers activities for your kids at the theater, dance and more. They also have workshops, festivals and concerts. Have a puppet show, theater plays and through the program and exhibits you can explore many things like art, nature, history and more. On top of everything, if you go from May to September, allow your kids to ride the wonderful Dentzel carousel.

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Citing Unpublished Cases in Washington County Courts: An Explanation for Lawyers and Litigation


Washington’s unpublished opinions are decisions from Washington’s legal cases that were not published in Washington’s appellate reports. Most legal decisions in Washington remain unpublished, making unpublished opinions a huge source of persuasive authority.
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For many years, litigation and attorneys in the state of Washington have been confused as to whether and when they can cite unpublished opinions to state courts. This article wants to resolve the confusion.
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1. A source of confusion and anxiety. The confusion stems from an appellant-level rule in Washington banning the citation of unpublished appellate-level opinions in Washington state courts. Washington courts have interpreted this appellate rule differently.
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Some courts have pursued litigation that could never cite unpublished opinions of Washington in any Washington State proceedings, including trials; other litigation courts could cite all of Washington’s unpublished cases in all non-appellate proceedings, such as trials. Ownership divergence has caused significant uncertainty and anxiety in litigation.
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In late 2007 and early 2008, anxiety rose to perhaps its highest point. In September 2007, General Rule 14.1 prohibited the citation of unpublished opinions at the appellate level to any court in the State, including the Courts of Justice.
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Yet the 2008 Supreme Court case in Washington Oltman v. Holland America, 163 Wn.2d 236 supported the litigation of unpublished opinions before the trial court. The general rule and the Supreme Court tried to resolve the same issue but gave seemingly contradictory directions.
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2 Current rules that address confusion and anxiety. Fortunately, the 2007 general rule and the 2008 Supreme Court release are fairly straightforward to reconcile. In 2008, the Supreme Court had a specifically applied law from the period preceding the 2007 general rule.
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Therefore, the 2007 general rule is likely to govern where conflict might otherwise occur. The 2007 general rule and subsequent case law give us the following cohesive principles:
А. There is no citation of an unpublished Washington appeal level opinion. First, General Rule 14.1 (a) expressly prohibits parties from invoking the unpublished opinion of appellant at the Washington level in their Washington process.
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The official comments of the compilers confirm that this general rule prohibits the citation of appellate cases at the appellant level in Washington to any court in Washington, including trial-level courts.
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B. OK to cite unpublished opinions of other Washington courts. There does not appear to be a prohibition in Washington to cite unpublished opinions of other Washington courts, such as the Washington State and district courts.
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The compiler notes of General Rule 14.1 confirm this assumption, as does the holding company of Oltman v. Holland America.
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C. It may cite foreign unpublished cases if it can cite them in a foreign jurisdiction. Unpublished opinions from non-Washington jurisdictions may be referenced in the Washington courts to the extent they may be indicated in the jurisdiction from which they came.
As stated in Washington Rule 14.1 (b), a litigation calling for a foreign unpublished case is required to file and serve copies of the foreign case so that the judge and other litigation can read the case in advance.
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These three principles can be a little complicated. But at least lawyers and litigants can finally determine with relative certainty what unpublished opinions a party can and cannot cite a judge.
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When Hamas was trying to collect bitcoin by denying it through a number of digital wallets, a startup was able to see what was happening and warn its customers.
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Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms – including Binance and Circle – as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity in the bitcoin digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.
The company recently learned that Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person they visited. This made it harder to find funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.


Domestic Violence There is no contact account in the state of Washington


There is no domestic violence crime in Washington State. Domestic violence is a mark placed on other offenses that indicate that there is a connection between families or households between the parties involved. Most jurisdictions will impose a contact order prohibiting a defendant in a domestic violence case (“DV”) from contacting the alleged victim of a crime. The order will often prohibit contact with the victim’s children, residence and place of work.
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Family or family relationship

According to RCW 10.99.020 (3), family or household members are defined as:

(S) Browns, former spouses, persons having a common child whether or not married or cohabiting at any time, blood or marriage-related adults, adults who are currently cohabiting or have resided in the past, persons older than sixteen years of age or older, currently residing together or permanently residing in the past and having or having an affair, persons sixteen or older with whom the person is sixteen years of age or older have been or has been in contact, as well as persons having biological or parent-child legal relationships, including stepmothers and stepfathers, and grandparents and grandchildren.
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As you can see, this definition is extremely broad. It is far more inclusive than what most people would expect it to be. The same goes for the types of crimes that are labeled “domestic violence.” Most people only think of assault when it comes to domestic violence, however there are many other crimes that can carry the DV tag.

Mandatory arrest

According to RCW 10.31.100 (2) (c), the clerk must make an arrest if: A person is sixteen years of age or older and has assaulted a family or household member as specified in RCW 10.99.020 in the previous four hours, and the officer believes:

(i) a criminal attack occurred;

(ii) an assault occurred that resulted in the victim’s bodily injury, whether or not the responding officer noticed the injury; or

(iii) that any physical activity has occurred that has the purpose of justifying the other person of imminent bodily harm or death. Physical injury means physical pain, illness or impairment of physical condition. When an officer has a legitimate reason to believe that the family or household members committed the attack, they are not required to arrest each other. The officer shall arrest the person the officer considers to be the primary physical aggressor. In deciding, the clerk will do his best to consider:

(i) intent to protect victims of domestic violence in accordance with RCW 10.99.010;

(ii) the comparative extent of the injuries or serious threats that cause fear of physical harm; i

(iii) a history of domestic violence between the persons involved.

If you are arrested for a crime involving domestic violence, a contact order without seizure will be immediately received.

No contact account

There are two types of contact orders in Washington State: before trial and after sentencing. Both types of warrant prevent the defendant from contacting the alleged victim. However, neither type prevents the victim from trying to contact the defendant, since only the defendant goes to jail if he violates the order. In other words, Contact Orders do not limit the defendant’s conduct alone.

Before trial

Pre-trial orders are issued against the defendant (sometimes referred to as the defendant) before being convicted of having done anything wrong. The orders may preclude contact between the defendant and the alleged victim of the crime, the victim’s victim (even if it is the defendant’s children), the victim’s workplace, and the victim’s victim (even if it is also the defendant’s home).

In other words, these orders can drive you away from home and children before you are convicted of a crime at all. This is true even if the victim says that nothing happened or that everything that happened is blown out of proportion.

Pre-trial orders remain in force until a criminal case is reached or until a judge has quashed it.

Post-jail prison

A non-contact warrant issued after conviction may have the same types of restrictions as pre-bankruptcy orders do. Post-conviction orders are generally good for a year, but the judge can extend it if he or she finds the facts to justify it.

Civilian standby

Because a warrantless contact can prevent you from going to your own home, courts will usually allow you one trip home to get your clothes and several personal items. However, you must be accompanied by a law enforcement official. This process is called “civilian standby.” You need to contact a law enforcement agency and schedule a time for civilian standby. Keep in mind, however, that this is a low priority action for most law enforcement agencies, so civilian readiness will only be exercised when they have time to spare.

Non-contact order violation

Deliberate breach of a contact order is not a grave breach; which means you can get up to a year in prison and a $ 5,000 fine. Since the violation of domestic violence is not by any contact in itself marked as domestic violence, your right to possess or possess a firearm will be taken away by conviction – even if it has not been used, possessed, mentioned or otherwise used or imagined . This is true even where the basic criminal case for which the Contact Order was issued is dismissed.

Being in a public place, or even in a courtroom, is not a defense to disrupt order. This means that if a warrant is issued against you and you see a security person at the store, then you must leave. Accidental contact cannot technically violate a warrant, but you may have to go before a judge to defend yourself. Aside from the stress involved, you may need to spend more money to hire a lawyer.

Even if the victim calls for contact, the respondent may face jail time if violated. What I often see in my cases is the following scenario:

Two people have a relationship. Something’s going on and it’s called the police. Because of everyone’s sensitivity to “domestic violence”, police are wrong to accuse someone. The contact order then takes its place, preventing two people from contacting each other. It can also make one of them unexpectedly homeless – but that’s a different question. People, as people, want to solve the problem, and the alleged victim contacts the defendant and says something in the sense of, “I’m sorry this is all happening. Come home and I’ll make it worth your while. “The problem, of course, is that the defendant raised the alleged victim on offer. Generally, legal problems for the defendant multiply shortly thereafter as the happy couple goes out to celebrate their renewed relationship only to pull” slowly and go “at the stop sign – or some other minor traffic offenses. They are then stopped by police. When the officer executes the passenger information, he skips the contact order above and the defendant is arrested and then taken to jail where he is now facing an additional charge.

Removing an account

It is very difficult to remove a pre-trial order without contact once it is established. Even if the victim comes and testifies before the judge that an order is not needed, most judges will leave the order in place.

One strategy is for the defendant to be evaluated by the Domestic Violence Agency. If the counselor wishes to tell the judge that the defendant would not be a danger to the victim if the order were removed, then the judge may revoke the order. The treatment agency may want to place the defendant in classes before agreeing to make a recommendation to a judge.

Another strategy is to ask the Court to amend the Order without C0ontact to allow marital counseling. Some judges will require that contact be allowed only as long as a third party monitors them from the treatment agency.

Once the contact order has not been modified to allow conditional contact, it is more likely that the judge will remove the order later unless there is a new problem.

Victims’ rights

Most prosecutors have a domestic violence lawyer. This person’s job is to help the victim of a domestic crime, understand what services are available to them, and help them be informed as the court process progresses.

I have seen numerous cases where the victim does not want the contact order to be in effect. Going through the victim advocacy persona can sometimes be helpful.

Most courts have a form that the alleged victim can fill out by asking the judge to drop the contact order. In my experience, most judges will maintain order even after the victim asks to be dismissed. Although the order remains in effect, a victim seeking to have it removed is still valuable as it could later be useful for removing the order.

Gun rights

Conviction for a crime marked by domestic violence will cause you to lose the right to possess or possess a firearm. This is a lifetime ban.

An example

In one case I had, a husband was arrested on a domestic violence charge when he threw a bowl into their kitchen sink during an altercation and smashed it. The argument was heard by a nearby neighbor who called police. Police arrived and when they looked into the sink, they found a chopped bowl and arrested her husband for malicious misconduct for domestic violence. There was no allegation that the husband threw the bowl to his wife or even nearby. Because Washington is a community-owned state, both husband and wife had an ownership interest in the vessel, so by chopping their vessel, the husband damaged property belonging to another (i.e., his wife) and was therefore liable for malicious misrepresentation. Without defense attorneys, the husband (who had no previous criminal history) pleaded guilty at the deal. He was given a one-year contact order that did not stop him from going home for a year or any contact with his wife.

Had the husband contacted a lawyer before pleading guilty, he may not have had a verdict at all. Even if there was a conviction, a lawyer could help him avoid such a lengthy contact order.

Copyright (c) 2007 The Cahoon Law Office – All rights reserved.


Determining Who Your Child Looks At During Your Residence: Washington State Law


Jane Smith is a fictional Washington robber whose hypothetical problem will sound familiar to many divorced parents. Jane absolutely disapproves of someone for whom her ex-husband, John Smith, cares for their child during John & # 39; s residency. John sometimes dismisses a child with his cousin Schmah, a bad person. Cousin Schmo smokes, has fun and recently committed two DUIs. Jane wants to know if she can veto Cousin Schmo as a carer.

This article answers Jane's question from the perspective of a Washington divorce attorney. This article describes 1) the general rule of Washington law, 2) the provisions of a joint parenting plan that modify the general rule of Washington, 3) the legal process necessary to adopt a parental care provision regarding a caregiver in Washington, and 4) more extreme remedies for difficult situations.

1. General rule . Unfortunately for Jane, the case law of Washington, for the most part, gives each parent the right to determine who is caring for their carer while staying with their child. The Washington Court of Appeals, Division I, linked this rule to Magnusson v. Johannesson , 108 Wash.App. 109 (2001), writing as follows: "(o) as usual, the parent may designate other caregivers, although the parent plan does not provide a specific finding or conclusion on the subject."

2 Common Provisions for Amending the General Rule . Several types of provisions change this general rule when enrolled in a parental plan. The most common in Washington are a) "right of first refusal" and b) special carer exemptions.

А. Right to first refusal . "Right to first refusal" is a relatively simple concept. Before either parent can use the guardian, the parent must offer the other parent the opportunity to care for the child during this time. Judges usually add the first opt-out clause to their parenting plan if asked to do so when formulating the plan. A divorcing parent worried about a scenario similar to Jane's should seriously consider seeking the right to a first refusal.

B. Specific exemptions for carers . Janer's parenting plan may also limit John's choice by specifically naming and banning a potential caregiver suspected of being dangerous. The potential guardian's exemption is less frequent than the right to refuse a fist, and courts typically do not allow this type of exclusion clause by absent evidence of the alleged danger that a potential guardian may pose.

3. Adding one of these provisions . If Jane's parenting plan does not contain one of the above provisions, she may ask the court to add it in accordance with RCW 09/26/260. Adding one of these provisions implies a "minor modification" of the parenting plan. A small change of this type requires Jane to demonstrate a significant, relevant change in circumstances that occurred after the writing of the parenting plan. A significant change in Jane's case could be Cousin Schmo's two recent DUIs.

4. More extreme remedies . Finally, Jane also has more extreme options if the situation becomes quite difficult. Jane could file a child abuse report with the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Department of Child Welfare, by calling 1-866-363-4276 Or Jane could ask for a protective order or restriction. These types of extreme calculations usually remain limited to situations in which the caregiver is seriously endangering or harming the child's well-being.

Although the general rule in Washington does not favor Jane, she has numerous options for solving her problems, depending on their severity and feasibility.


Enjoy your trip to the United States with a Washington DC hotel stay


Washington, the capital of the United States, is located on the north bank of the Potomac River. It is the eight largest metropolitan area in the state. It houses the domestic embassies and headquarters of many international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc. … along with a domestic and international media center, has a growing diverse economy. A city with so many features has found pace in the heart of tourists and has become a good tourist destination.

The increased number of visitors led to the advent of the D.C. Hotel. These hotels offer a wide variety of room amenities, in addition to several recreational amenities such as spa, massage, beauty treatments, pool, club, etc. … to enjoy. Hotels in Washington D.C. can be booked online through booking websites, to avoid haste while traveling.

Undoubtedly, Washington is an expensive city with a high cost of living index. Given the need for budget-conscious travelers, there are many cheap Washington hotels that offer several types of discounts for extended stays, for children and the elderly. They meet the needs of travelers with all the basic amenities that they require and thus provide them with comfortable accommodation at a limited cost. Some of these direct hotel staff services have even amazed tourists. Their services were beyond the expectations of travelers at such a low price. Some of Washington D.C.'s top tourist destinations are: –

  • Dupont Circle – Located near some of the best museums in Washington, DC, ethnic restaurants, foreign embassies, art galleries and bookstores. it is also the home of tall buildings. The Circle is a gathering place with grass, benches, parks and a unique fountain in the center.
  • Mount Vernon Estate – Located in Mount Vernon along the banks of the Potomac River, it is the most beautiful tourist attraction of beauty. It is a 14-room mansion that is beautifully decorated and furnished with original items.
  • Great Falls Park – is one of Washington's spectacular natural landmarks. It offers a variety of activities including kayaking, biking, hiking, rock climbing, picnicking and horseback riding. It can be viewed from the banks of the Potomac River.
  • National Zoo – It's a zoo, housed in Rock Creek National Park, containing more than 400 different species of animals. One can find giant pandas, tigers, giraffes, sea lions, monkeys and more.


Washington State Car Auction – Great Car Deals At Washington Car Auctions


If you want to get a great supply of dream vehicles today, one of the best places to go is car sales in Washington state. This place offers a great selection of vehicles to choose from, such as a sedan, pickup truck, van, mini-truck, trailer, sports utility vehicle, sports car, luxury car, all-wheel drive truck, and so on. You can also choose the car brands of your choice such as BMW, Audi, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, and Ferrari, among many others.

The best thing about this place is that you can get them at a significantly discounted price that can easily fit into your budget range. Most of these units have been returned by banks and other credit institutions, and various government agencies such as the IRS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the police, and more. They were repaid by people who defaulted on their loans at the bank, police seized them from people involved in criminal activity, and confiscated people who did not pay their taxes.

If you live in Washington State, one of the first things you can do is get copies of local newspapers like Centralia, Chronicle, Daily World and Anacortes America, among many others. These local newspapers usually publish advertisements for various auction sites in the area and the appropriate schedule and location of the next public tender. This is in accordance with state law, which stipulates that every citizen is informed about every public sale. This will give you the opportunity to participate in a car auction in the state of Washington.

Alternatively, visit the nearest bidding venue in your area, such as car insurance auctions at 3130 D Street in SE Auburn, Northwest SVC 15037 Auction on State Route 97 Entiat, Copart Inc 88115 along 192nd Kent Street, South Seattle Auto Auction 19443 at 77th Avenue South Kent and more.

The second best option for you if you want to join a car auction in Washington State is to go online and do some site search on the various sites that offer you access to their database of publicly auctioned vehicles. This is more favorable on your part; and you can choose the vehicle of your choice before participating in the Washington state car auction.


Mount Washington Valley Inns Visit Inn-to-Inn Cookies


1785 Inn and Restaurant – Wine Spectators Restaurant said the 1785 Inn & Restaurant is one of the best wine lists in the world. I spotted a marvelous parlor with an incredibly unusual Christmas tree downstairs with bottles filled as decorations and bunches of lighted grapes providing lots of cheer. The hosts, Becky and Charlie Mallar, welcomed us to their spectacular hotel with beautiful furnishings and attention to detail, just a little less spectacular than the view. They offer a nice dining area with a menu that made me wish I wasn't so full of cookies from the Inn-to-Inn cookie tour! Located on 6 acres of beautiful real estate, the Inn offers proximity to XC ski trails, beautiful gardens, a swimming pool and did I mention the views? A large private room with a view ranges from $ 119 a night to $ 199 for a vacation.

Admiral Peary House – Although Admiral Peary's home is located in Fryeburg, Maine, it is a member of Mt. Bed and Breakfast in Washington, DC and that's why it's listed here. This hotel is the former home of Admiral Robert E. Peary, an Arctic explorer. When you enter the informal living room (with fireplace and pool table) from the three-season porch, which serves as the entrance to the Inn, you immediately feel the charm of this Inn. The hosts of the Inn, who speak with obvious Australian accents, Hilary Jones and Derrek Schlottman, welcome you to their sunny kitchen, where they look most at home. The inn is warm and sunny, but I only saw the rooms, as they were not available for personal sightseeing. Prices range from $ 95 to $ 185.

The Bartlett Inn, located in Bartlett, is an ongoing hotel; The living room floors are among the most perfect floors I've ever seen, but most of the others need remodeling. Guests can hike, bike, snow shoes or XC ski from the back door of this interesting Inn. We looked at three rooms that all had interesting nodes, cottages and niches. Their prices are very reasonable, but the rooms are a bit small (but include a fireplace).

Covered Bridge House – If you are looking for an imaginative, this is not the place for you; if you are looking for a comfortable and homely place, then it is. Originally built in 1850, this Inn offers small but comfortable rooms and very friendly hosts who wish to please their guests. They offer good prices, outdoor hot tub but only 6 rooms.

Darby Field Restaurant & Inn – Darby Field Inn offers outstanding accommodation as well as a full service bar and restaurant. Just driving here for dinner is well worth the trip. This hotel is as beautiful and romantic as the Inn. How about a horse-drawn carriage or a sleigh ride under the moon? I wish I had dressed warmer (I was there for dinner) so I could take the ride offered. A seasonal heated underground pool, hiking trails and spa services are available. Room rates range from $ 140 to $ 279.

The Eastman Inn offers a lovely and welcoming entrance and a wonderful living room that only invites guests to just stay in the magic. Although only the dressing room was available for viewing, these were nicer rooms than the other Inns where I stayed, only slightly smaller. Nice view of the forest. eastmaninn.com

The Ellis River Inn brings new meaning to the word WOW. The hot tub atrium made me move in immediately, especially after seeing the playroom and the pub. The whole hotel is bright and sunny and offers a huge breakfast room, a seasonal pool, a lovely gazebo with the Ellis River in the background and beautiful guest rooms. Frank and Lyn Baker were wonderful and gracious hosts who seemed very proud of what they created here, and rightly so.

Glen Oaks Inn is a wonderful ground-floor hotel with ground-floor hosts, Mitchell and Lind. Linda is a baker, Mitchell is a chef, but they are both wonderful and gracious hosts, though Linda would not share her cinnamon bark recipe. The 8-room hotel also offers 3 cottages with double beds, en-suite bathrooms and some rooms with gas fireplace. The inn sits on 24-night snacks and incredible cinnamon rolls. Just to get ready, Linda insists that you sing the song on the way out the door, at least at Christmastime!

Crystal Lake Inn – While I would describe one of the seating areas and the Palmer Pub "funky", there are two hallmarks of this wonderful inn. Here is a unique feeling of old and new, but it all came together in the form of a wonderful inn. Situated in Eaton, this hotel is close to all the activities you could hope to enjoy: skiing, biking, swimming, ice fishing, sleigh rides, and close to Conway tax-free shopping mall.

Jackson-Host Inns by Don and Joyce Bilger made this hotel so cozy and welcoming! The guest room I visited was blue in color and had a gas fireplace, lit that cold day, and a huge bathroom. The inn offers free WIFI, an outdoor hot tub, a TV in the room with DVD players (DVD library is available) and you could literally cross the ski slopes from the back door. Prices range from $ 109 to $ 249.

Lakeview B&B and Cottages – This beautiful Inn overlooks the beautiful Silver Lake and offers a quiet retreat at the Victorian Inn. There is a beach nearby and canoes and kayaks in summer, and in winter the lake offers ice skating. The inn is directly on the NH Snowmobile Corridor, making it a logical choice for winter nights.

Notchland Inn was the first stop of our Inn-to-Inn tour. Hosts Ed Butler and Les Schoof were gracious and kind, as were their Burmese mountain dogs who greeted us. The inn was charming, but in a GREAT way; charming usually has small cozy places in mind, but the Notchland Inn was large and cozy. The dining room was so welcoming, as were the many living rooms and porches. All 12 guest rooms feature wood burning fireplaces. Prices range from $ 195 to $ 365. You may decide to include dinner at the restaurant for a nightly fee. There are minimum stays during some parts of the year; check online at Notchland.com.

The Old Red Inn and Cottages – This pet-friendly hotel offers 7 self-catering guest rooms at the main hotel and 10 cottages. There is a seasonal pool, in-room TV / DVDs and refrigerators.

Riverbend Inn Located in Chocorua, this hotel offers spectacular solitude with the sound of the river forever as background noise. I happened to see one upstairs bathroom that must have the best view from the "throne" just like any bathroom in the world. Yankee Magazine says Riverbend Inn is "Hollywood's perfect inn, elegantly mixing art and antiques without sacrificing comfort," which in my opinion is humbling. There is a nice deck and outdoor seating area to enjoy the peaceful environment as well as hiking trails. Hosts Craig Cox and Jerry Weiss welcome tasks in their wonderful Inn of the Year.

The Wildflowers Inn B&B is a spectacular guesthouse offering spectacular views of the Presidential Range and the mountains. Washington. The common space offers a cheerful room with Asian accents, a pool table, a large (huge) screen, and all the reading material that a person might be longing for. The rooms are gorgeous, offering free WIFI and private baths; Jacuzzi suites are available as well as beautiful gazebo and gardens. The goal of host Bob & Emily Koch, is to make every guest feel like their Inn is home to them. I was there for cookies, but I didn't want to leave!


Washington State DUI Defense Information


If you are arrested at a DUI in Washington State, the consequences can be great. A DUI conviction carries a mandatory jail time, mandatory license revocation, fines and court costs. Living in Washington state – bordering Canada – it is important to note that you may not be allowed to enter Canada if you have a DUI certificate. Add to this the personal costs of not being able to drive, inconvenience in prison and dealing with the consequences of employment; it is clear that a DUI conviction is extremely serious.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, the first thing you should do is find a DUI lawyer. Washington State DUI cannot be deleted from your criminal record. Although DUI is a serious offense, the defense is just as complex as the offense. This is because the DUI case involves the fusion of scientific evidence, police testimony and questions of constitutional law.

The scientific evidence in the DUI case includes a breath test. Using a breathalyzer is not as simple as blowing it into a tube. There is a mandatory procedure in place to achieve the most accurate results possible. If you have anything in your mouth that could even catch a drop of fluid, then the machine will give an artificially high BAC score. For example, poor denture fit, loss of restoration, untreated cavity, or puncture of the tongue could cause an error in the BAC reading. Prior to each breath test, an observation period is required. A police officer will check your mouth and then you cannot eat and drink until the waiting period is over and the breath test is completed; otherwise, food or drink may interfere with the breath test. It is important that you tell your lawyer if he or she has burglarized or thrown you during this waiting period as this can artificially increase your BAC reading.

The second and third questions – police testimony and constitutional law – go together. In order for police to stop your car, they must have reason to believe you have broken the law. That means the police have a valid reason to pull you over; can't just pull random drivers. Once your car was towed, the police must probably have a reason to arrest you for a DUI. To determine if constitutional requirements have been met, your DUI attorney will review police reports, videos in the car, and possibly interview the arresting office. Your lawyer must be able to determine whether the officer's statements are true and supported by other evidence or witness statements.

The DUI conviction is very serious. If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is vital that you hire a DUI attorney to begin your defense immediately.


Washington DC: The Other Side of the Political Capital of the World


Washington DC, the United States capital, is the center of power and politics in the country. The city is bustling daily with the parallel activities of politicians and people. Most people know Washington as an important and international headquarters for decisions that affect the world beyond its periphery. This is where the legislative, judicial, and executive bodies of the United States are based. It is a place where professional and government officials gather to manage private and government machinery. But there is more to politics than politics.

The Potomac River flowing through the city adds to its beauty. As a traveler to the country and especially the city of Washington DC, it takes a long time. After all, it does take time to do a little research on the miracle.

The city is home to many national monuments and monuments. Therefore, it's a good idea to start walking into the city by walking through the National Mall, which houses the Jefferson Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Vietnam Memorial, Monument Washington, and World War II. You can choose to go sightseeing or be yourself.

When in Washington, you should not forget to visit the three most important government houses – the United States Capitol Building, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Visiting these places will enrich you with the rich and powerful history of the country.

Just like when you start to believe that the Washington tour is a bit political, you can make your way to Chesapeake and the Ohio Channel in Georgetown. The C&O channel, as it is popularly called, has a lot of fun on the offensive. Hiking, biking, fishing, boating and kayaking, horseback riding are some of the activities that refresh you and help you relax in the picturesque surroundings and enjoy the natural beauty in peace. Additionally, Great Falls Park next to the Potomac is another spectacular entrance for nature lovers. It is an excellent picnic area and every cyclist is delighted.

Art lovers have reason to look forward to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts being the only station that enjoys performing in theater, dance, orchestra, musicals, popular, folk and jazz music, multimedia performances, and youth and family programs.

And if history has ever interested you, the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, a 500-acre 14-room property belonging to the George Washington family might be intriguing. Visitors can take a stroll through the mansion and experience the antiquities and objects of 1740. You can also explore the stables, the kitchen, the chimney, the slave quarters, the museum and the gardens of the plush estate and soak up pieces from history.

There's also food and shopping I can't afford. Washington DC has a lot of glamor, politics and fun. The cool city breeze, the scenery, the hustle and bustle of the capital are powerful for the traveler to explore. If you want to immerse yourself in the aura of Washington, try to book yourself on a plane and get airline tickets at discounted rates. After all, it's not so bad to plan and indulge in luxury with little savings!


Can you get a horse-drawn carriage?


DUI on horseback. Is that even possible? You may be surprised to learn that DUIs on horseback have been raised against people before, even in 2009 (contrary to popular belief, there was no such thing as DUIs at a time when horseback riding was the predominant mode of travel). Which reminds me, this is not some witty, tricky article to try to read you about anything. I’m not going to talk about the DUI law in the 1880s. This is an analysis of today's DUI laws and what you might get riding on a drunk horse today.

Being a Seattle, Washington, DUI lawyer, I will use the Seattle DUI law in my example of analyzing whether or not you can get a DUI on horseback. And while I can't be sure, this may be one of the few times that Seattle law actually applies to all parties in all fifty states. Whether or not I still have to ask that if you have a DUI issue and you are not in Seattle, contact a DUI attorney in your state and discuss your issues. The laws may vary from country to country, so you need to know the laws of your country to make an informed decision.

Let's set the scene for a DUI on a horse test. It starts like any other day. You go out to your friends to ride his horses (he lives in one of those apartment complexes that has mounted equestrian trails throughout the subdivision). But before you go, you'll be watching a Mariner game on TV. During the game, since it's Saturday and all, you decide to drink a couple of beers. And the couple turns into ten. You're pretty drunk at the end of the game, but you cripple your horse and get going anyway.

About halfway through, you are on a residential street that crosses between lanes when a Seattle police officer approaches and asks you what you are doing. You tell him, and he asks you to get off your horse to explore further. Even though you didn't realize it by then, you still have all of Mariner's equipment, including the complete uniform (you're a huge fan). As the Seattle police officer talks to you, he asks if you have been drinking. You say yes and then you agree to some field sobriety tests. And then you'll be arrested for the Seattle DUI.

When you finally talk to your Seattle DUI attorney, he says he can drop the charges immediately. But how? Let's look at the DUI statute to understand this.

RCW 46.61.502 states that drunk driving drives a vehicle in that condition while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The Seattle DUI can be proven in three ways: (1) an air breathing test above .08; (2) showing signs of intoxication with alcohol or drugs; or (3) showing signs of intoxication i medicines.

But the analysis does not begin here, because an earlier step is included. Definition of "vehicle". And a vehicle, as you might imagine, covers many things – but they all have engines and wheels and are moving because of some type of machinery. I would write down the definition of a vehicle, but it is too long. But I can tell you one thing, the vehicle does not include horses.

So here it is. It's impossible to be convicted of a Sejutan DUI on a horse. This does not work because the horse is not considered a vehicle, and operating the vehicle is a necessary element of the crime. However, this does not mean that you could not be charged with other crimes, or that you should ride a drunk horse. If you didn't know, it can really hurt to fall off a horse.