Best Fire Pits For Vacation Rentals

Campfire TV; that’s what some people call campfires. Whether you are just watching the flames dance by yourself, enjoying roasting marshmallows over it or gathered around it with friends, campfires are always fun. The use of fire pits allows you to enjoy a campfire in almost any outdoor setting, especially when going on vacation. Here you will find tips to keep in mind when choosing the best fire pits for vacation rentals.
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Anytime you are burning a fire, the top priority is safety. This is true when you are at your home, and it’s true when you are renting a vacation home or condo. Many vacation rentals will have specific rules and policies regarding fire pits, all with the top concern of preventing the fire from spreading.
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Fire pits are designed to keep a fire contained, and yet enjoyable. When you are planning on enjoying a fire on your vacation, be sure to choose one that is fully portable. No two pits are equal, with some being substantially heavier than others.
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For the purposes of traveling, you will want yours to be a lighter weight, making it easier to move around. You may also want to choose one that offers some kind of lip around the burning area for additional safety. This lip can serve as a spot for your children to organize s’mores ingredients, as well as providing an additional buffer between the fire and any surrounding materials and people.
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You should also be sure to select one that has a wire covering over the fire itself. This mesh covering will prevent larger pieces of ash from drifting up the smoke and causing any damage. When you are burning your fire, whether it is at home or on vacation, be sure to have a container of water nearby just in case the fire gets out of hand.
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There are definite advantages to having the ability to burn a fire when you are on vacation. They are entertaining, and relaxing. There are many recipes for meals that can be cooked over campfires. The fire can light up the unfamiliar deck or yard, allowing everyone to enjoy the outdoors later into the evening.
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Wherever you are planning on going for your next vacation, consider how nice it would be to have an outdoor fire in the evenings. With this tips, you should be able to choose the best fire pit for your vacation rental.

Packing for a Ski Vacation

When going on a ski vacation, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to pack, but a bigger problem is that even if you know what to pack, it can be a tough problem figuring out to get everything from your home to your destination. Skis don’t fit into suitcases, and the limited about of baggage that you’re allowed, can be a huge problem if you’re flying to the ski resort.

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The simplest method to save on baggage space and weight is simply to take less. If there’s a rental shop at your destination, and the rental fees for skis, boots and poles are reasonable, then, then why not rent? Provided of course that you don’t mind skiing with rented equipment,

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Another option is to find out if there are any ski shops in the resort area, and whether they will buy used equipment. What you can then do is buy new equipment, use it, and then sell it when you’re finished with it. Before you embark on this strategy, you’ll want to get an estimate for how much you can sell the used equipment for, and by deducting this from the price of new equipment, you’ll know how much this option will cost.

Another thing to consider is that the clothing that you’ll wear on a ski vacation can be very bulky and tough to squeeze into a suitcase. Ski jackets, ski suits, Winter sweaters, etc., all take up a lot of space. There can be a way round this problem however: telephone the lodge or resort, and ask them whether they will hold a package that is going to be shipped to you, and hold it until you arrive. Most lodges and resorts will agree to this, and assuming they do, all you need to do is box up all your bulky ski clothes and ship them: you’ll probably find that this costs less than paying the airline to handle excess baggage.

Explore Thailand With Discounted Vacation Deals!

If you are planning to get away this summer on an exploring vacation then Thailand is the most opted one! As this summer is full of great holiday vacation deals and specials packages, you can not be less exited to treasure a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia enveloped all over by Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. The place compounds mountains and forests in the north, Central Plains and the tropical islands in the peninsula south. Thailand vacation is the best package that offers tremendous attractions that begins from glorious temples, grand shopping malls to pulsating nightlife. Basically, it includes everything that you require for a wholesome holiday destination.

If you want to get into the detail of the place, majority of the population consist of ethnic Thai and are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. Most common language is Thai, however English and other European languages ​​are commonly spoken in almost all public places like shops, hotels, restaurants and various tourist destinations.

The hottest destination of Thailand is Bangkok, the capital city with diversity and one among the top vacation spots in the world. This is the best place for those looking for a thrill and adventurous vacation to elope from the daily hustles of life. The city is culturally famous as around 400 heritage temples are found in this beautiful city of Bangkok. Apart from the cultural places like temples of reclining Buddha, Bangkok is also famous for its amazing nightlife, Thai food, relaxation therapies or spa services, etc. In addition to this, the other beautiful vacation destinations and their specialty in Thailand are James Bond Island in Phuket, Ko Larn Coral Island in Pattaya, Waterfalls in Ko Samui, Wat Hat Yai Nai in Hat Yai, Elephant ride in Chiang Mai, etc.

Apart from the above, one of the best things in Thailand is its connectivity. It is connected to almost all the major airports, traveling to this place are really worthy endeavor. For your stay, you can choose from a wide array of luxury hotels to economic ones. Some of the best and popular places are listed below:

Amari Atrium Hotel – Midrange
Amari Don Muang Bangkok – Midrange
Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside – Midrange
Grand President Suites and Studios – Midrange
Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport – Midrange
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok – Luxury
The Shangri La Hotel Bangkok – Luxury
Pathumwan Princess Hotel – Luxury
The Sukhothai Bangkok – Luxury
Xen Suites Bangkok Formerly Quality Suites – Midrange

BC Golf Vacations – 5 Courses to Play for Interests Sake

British Columbia is home to over 300 golf courses – so how to you narrow down the list and choose where to play? Read on to learn about some BC's record-breaking or just plain interesting golf courses – perhaps not the best list for planning BC Golf vacations, but some great options to consider, nonetheless.

Highest Elevation: The Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort

Located 1,200 meters above Sea Level, The Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort is one not to be missed on your BC golf vacation. On top of the spectacular panoramic mountain views, you'll love how the thin air lets your ball travel further and how the elevation offers a cool retreat from the Okanagan, BC summer heat.

Most Prestigious (Expensive) Golf Course: Capilano Golf & Country Club

Located in one of Canada's wealthiest postal codes, this West Vancouver members-only club is one of Stanley Thompson's architectural masterpieces. Play 18 holes, framed by rugged mountain landscapes and sparkling waters, follow by an ultra-exclusive clubhouse lunch and you've got a great day on the links, daaaahling .

Most Delicious Golf Course: The Harvest Golf Club

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does it do for your golf game? Find out at East Kelowna's Harvest Golf Club where their motto is "Pick as you Play" This course boasts abundant fruit trees bearing apples, peaches, pears, cherries and apricots which golfers are encouraged to enjoy while they play. Does not this sound like a lovely way to spend a BC summer day?

Best Golf Hole: Greywolf Golf Club

Par 3 Hole 6, better know as "Cliffhanger" at Panorama's Greywolf Golf Club challenges golfers to carefully drive across an alpine valley to the green, 172 yards away. Voted Best Par 3 Hole by Score Golf's Golfers Choice Awards, Best Golf Hole in BC by the Vancouver Sun and One of Canada's Ten Best Holes by The Globe and Mail, this is definitely one golf experience.

Most Challenging Greens: Predator Ridge

BC Golf vacations should not be without a few challenges. With this in mind, check out Predator Ridge – a beautiful 27-hole golf complex, just outside of Vernon, well-known (or feared) for its tricky greens. Golf Canada Contributor, Chris Baldwin shares:

"Every green you do not three-putt at Predator Ridge is cause for a Tiger Woods fist-pump – heck, maybe even one of those LPGA-winner leaps into a lake."

Most Scenic Golf Course: Furry Creek

The prettiest golf course with the funniest name (ok, in my opinion), Furry Creek can be found between Vancouver and Whistler, just off the sea-to-sky highway. Framed by fjord-like vistas, steep mountains rising from the water's edge and off-shore islands with dense vegetation it's no wonder it continues to earn accolades as BC's most landscaped and beautifully landscaped golf course.

Top Five Vacation Travel Destinations In The World

The Caribbean

A vacation at one of the islands in the Caribbean offers excitation as well as relaxation in a stunning, tropical setting. The eastern region of the islands, commonly known as the Lesser Antilles, Tobago and Trinidad, begins just east of Puerto Rico and stretches just about to the coast of Venezuela. These islands include impressive mountains, rain forests and black, as well as white, sandy beaches.

The western portion of the Caribbean is well-known for the ancient Mayan ruins that abound, as well as for the luxurious resorts, carnivals and local festivals occurring frequently through the year. St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Juan and Barbados are among the most popular travel destinations in the southern Caribbean and offer tourists an authentic island experience.


Paris, France, home of the famous Eiffel Tower, remains one of the world's top travel destinations for honeymooners and travelers alike. Other cities in France that provide an ideal spot to vacation if you're looking for beauty, charm and a rich sense of history are Lyon and Marseille. These gorgeous cities are filled with fascinating museums and feature numerous fragrant flower gardens.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy is perhaps one of the most beautiful and historic of European cities and also one of the most often visited by travelers. Ancient monuments, impressive museums, fountains as well as medieval churches and palaces, all lend to the old world charm of the city. There are also numerous restaurants offering delicious Italian cuisine and plenty of exciting nightlife to be had as well.

Other popular vacation spots to visit in Italy are the Vatican and St. Petersburg. Peter's Cathedral, as well as the city of Venice, which was specifically built right in the center of a lagoon. Venice has been deemed one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the entire world with meandering canals and interesting architecture everywhere you look.


With many gorgeous and unspoiled beaches to choose from, Hawaii and its smaller surrounding islands offer lush resorts, crystal blue waters and plenty of sunshine to visitors. Beside Hawaii, often called the "Big Island", there are five other beautiful islands to visit such as Maui, which is the second largest of the group and features stunning volcanoes as well as breathtaking waterfalls.

Other islands include Lanai, which is famous for its impressive rock formations as well as the distinct ambiance of romance, luxury and privacy. The state's capital, Honolulu, is located on the island of Oahu, which is home to the majority of Hawaii's population and boasts a vibrant mix of culture and entertainment.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, the most popular city in Nevada, is often referred to as "Sin City" or the "largest adult playground" in the world. But this famous vacation spot is no longer just about gambling and casinos. Now there are numerous family-friendly hotels, resorts and activities to choose from as well as plenty of exciting nightlife along the Strip for the adults.

People vacationing in Las Vegas may also choose to visit nearby Lake Mead, which is the largest man-made lake in the United States and is only 22 miles from the Strip. The Hoover Dam, located in Black Canyon on the Colorado River about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, is also another impressive sight to see while visiting this area.

How to Book a Vacation Rental Home

While there is a growing abundance of options when it comes to booking a vacation home, many travelers still find the rental market to be a little chaotic – at least in comparison to more traditional accommodations like hotels/motels. The increasing popularity of vacation rentals as a value-packed alternative to pricier hotels has led to an abundance of options that can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips for booking your vacation rental to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, while protecting yourself from scams or disappointment.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #1: Check out niche listers that focus on specific destinations.

Whether you’ve rented a vacation villa before or not, you’ll want to work with a local company and representatives who know their stuff.

If you’re interested in a Santa Barbara beach house rental, a qualified representative will earn their stripes by walking you through the suitable available properties based on your unique needs and desires. For instance, if you’re bringing your three Bernese mountain dogs, they’ll recommend Santa Barbara beach rental locations that are both dog-friendly and bric-a-brac-free.

Additionally, once you arrive, you’ll want to enjoy concierge services to help you get reservations at that trendy new restaurant, or simply recommend a hike that overlooks the ocean. An anonymous operator three states away won’t be able to deliver that level of local service.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #2: Use a credit card to protect yourself and minimize risks.

You want and expect every detail of your vacation to be perfect. But unfortunately that won’t always be the case. So you need to protect yourself.

Renting with your credit card through a Santa Barbara vacation rental management company offers you that protection. If for some reason the property doesn’t meet your expectations, and the management won’t do anything to fix it, you can keep a record of the problem and dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Property owners who rent person-to-person usually insist on a cashier’s check for 50 percent of the vacation rental to reserve it, and then the other 50 percent in cash upon your arrival. If you later discover roaches scuttling through the kitchen of your vacation home, or other elements of the property that were grossly misrepresented, you will have no leverage because you will have already paid in full in cash.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #3: Get the most bang for your buck.

Dollar for dollar, a vacation rental gives you so much more than a luxury hotel. You get exponentially more space (both indoors and outdoors). You get a host of amenities from private pools to high end kitchens to top flight entertainment systems, all for your exclusive use. Unlike an anonymous hotel room off a crowded corridor, you have a serene home away from home to call your own.

But there are a host of priceless intangible benefits you get when you book your vacation rental through a professional management company. Working with a premier management company to find your ideal vacation home gives you a whole new level of service. A professional company has skin in the game. They are working to establish a good reputation and a list of return clientele, rather than just trying to make fast money.

In the-best-surprise-is-no-surprise category, unlike an absentee owner off Craigslist, a professional Santa Barbara rental company has someone who is troubleshooting issues 24/7, working hard to keep both the renters and the owners happy.

The most underused amenity is the professional staff. Once you arrive at your rental villa in Santa Barbara, they are at your beck and call. Concierge and housekeeping services are a mere button-touch away. The staff’s local Santa Barbara knowledge and connections can turn an average vacation into something amazing. There is no extra cost, and the return is priceless.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #4: Book with confidence.

There’s a HUGE difference between someone who just wants to sell you a room, and a professional vacation rental company that wants to make sure that you enjoy your ultimate Santa Barbara vacation so much that you return again and again. The key to that difference is delivering on what is promised.

Many vacation rental agencies are just big clearing-houses that list properties, sometimes all over the world. They do not usually specialize in a region and offer no other services, aside from rental matchmaking. They can’t make guarantees about the Santa Barbara beach house rental you’ve booked because their representatives have never visited them, inspected them for health and safety concerns, or even met the owners. They cannot vouch for the actual condition of the vacation rental property, the advantages/disadvantages of the location, etc.

Some agencies just want to book the beach rental and collect their fee. They may not care too much about what happens during your stay.

If you’ve never visited the Santa Barbara beach rental house you’re considering, or gotten a firsthand report from a trusted friend, you have no idea whether the photos you’ve seen on the web site are an accurate representation. They might be outdated, retouched or from an entirely different place. (It goes without saying that you should never rent a vacation rental that doesn’t offer photos!) Beware of any site that only offers view or exterior shots. If they’re not willing to show you what the vacation house rental looks like inside, you don’t want to stay there.

With a professional vacation rental company, you can be assured that the quality you see is the quality you will get.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #5: Go with the highest standards of quality.

Professional vacation rental agencies are held to higher standards than private owners. Even if an owner fervently believes that their Santa Barbara vacation rental is clean and up-to-date, their standards might not match your own. One person’s no-visible-dust-bunnies and hi-fi-system are another person’s filthy and anachronistic. A professionally managed Santa Barbara vacation house rental will also be a professionally cleaned and maintained vacation house rental.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #6: Understand the risks of booking through free listing sites like Craigslist.

Listing on a free site is, well, free. No crime in that (who doesn’t love free?), but that might point toward a general laissez-faire attitude the owner has toward his property and tenants.

The owners who are willing to pay a fee to keep their vacation houses booked and in first-class condition have already demonstrated their care and commitment to a working relationship that is beneficial to all parties. The management companies they work with are companies you can rent from worry-free.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #7: Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

The more often these vacation rentals are occupied, the happier the owners are, so if you are planning a last-minute or a long-term stay or if you are a frequent visitor, there is often room to negotiate on the price of your vacation rental. Sometimes the discount might be as much as 30 percent.

Booking a Vacation Rental Tip #8: Do your research and compare rates, amenities, and conditions before entering into a rental agreement.

When you’re trying to narrow down your choice of a Santa Barbara vacation rental, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. A smaller house on the beach will likely cost more than a larger one in the hills. Know what you’re getting from each property, and from each management company. Follow your gut and go with the company that will cheerfully show up in the middle of the night to snake the sink.

Another benefit to working with a Santa Barbara vacation rental professional management company is that it’s so easy to do a background check on them. Call or visit the Better Business Bureau or a vacation rental site like Has the firm had any reasonable complaints lodged against them? How were they resolved? Type the name of the Santa Barbara vacation rental firm and its owner into Google and you’ll get a wealth of informative opinions.

The increasing popularity of Santa Barbara vacation rentals has led to an abundance of online resources. Your best bet is to do due diligence and compare rates, amenities, reputations, views, and conditions before entering into a rental agreement. It’s your vacation and booking the right accommodations will help you ensure that your holiday will meet and exceed your expectations.

Europe Vacation – A Trip For Everyone

Geographically, Europe can certainly seem a long way from home, particularly if you live in the Oceanic region as I do. Americans have a somewhat better opportunity to visit Europe than we do because of the relative proximity of continental Europe, but, we hear the expression “the world is getting smaller” and it is certainly true as far as more varied opportunities with air travel become available.

The days have long gone where you had to depend upon one airline to take you from one place to another. Global partnerships seem to have alleviated all those problems and with the press of a computer key, into the fascinating world of the internet, we are able to book the dream trip without having to move away from the hot coffee our travel agents provide while compiling our best and most convenient itinerary.

I suppose it is true to say that being originally from the United Kingdom, Europe vacations perhaps do not hold the mystery for me that they do for some of my neighbours and friends. As far as I was concerned then, a Europe vacation entailed a fortnight in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal etc, etc.

This does not alter the fact though that a fortnight in the sun was still a very attractive proposition after a year of saving and the length and inclement weather of the English winter. It was indeed something to look forward to.

My outlook has changed somewhat I must admit. My last trip to Europe entailed a stop off in Germany, with a wonderful five day trip through Bavaria and back to Northern Germany and Frankfurt for a Saturday morning flight to England. This was followed by a couple of weeks touring round the “Old Country” catching up with relatives and spending a week in Ireland, the birthplace of my mother.

Other people would have much more exotic designs on European vacations. Rome and Paris I guess would have to be two of the most popular destinations on the European mainland. Not surprisingly, since both these beautiful cities have so much to offer. It may be said that you could spend two weeks in either of them and not see everything in the tourist brochures.

My next European vacation is taking the form of 26 capitals in the same amount of days. Hectic it may sound, but if there’s one thing to be said of a European bus tour, it’s that your only requirements are to be able to get a good night’s sleep, be not too deaf to listen to the tour guide’s information and make sure you make the most of the wonderful scenery that Europe has to offer – oh, and have a good pair of walking shoes!

The magic of a European vacation will never wane, no matter where you live now. But attraction to it, if the truth be known, is not just linked to Europe. We all know that many places in the world have equal beauty – if only we could see them all!

How to Promote a Ski Vacation Destination

The CEO spoke about the mission of “to accelerate global development, adoption and transition to cryptocurrency”, adding that the MCO Visa card is not only useful for cryptocurrency holders, but also a gateway offer for those who are interested in, but still hesitate to enter the room because of its technical or volatile nature.
In addition to the standard MCO Visa card, also introduces an exclusive cryptocurrency concierge service, MCO Private. This will be offered to wealthy clients in the crypto space, with both specialized services and access. Some of these benefits include dedicated customer service over the phone, exclusive access to crypto-related events and advice and guidance via the platform.

The decision to personally promote a ski vacation destination is easier said than done. But despite its relative difficulty, there are definitely good reasons for doing so. Many people would charge it to open benevolence. After all, doing something good for goodness’ sake can be a rewarding experience. Promoting a ski resort also caters to several ulterior motives. Contributing to the advancement of a recreational facility can be a key to opening several career opportunities. Lastly, you can enjoy the benefits of easier access to unique features and budget deals. While it is easier to know why, how to go about it is a more challenging question. But here are a number of important tips you need to remember:

You need to be somebody

It takes a certain type of individual to be taken seriously, especially in the public sphere. An unknown person promoting his or her favorite ski resort can definitely contribute to the venue’s prestige. However, his or her voice is most likely going to end up as a part of the statistics. In order to magnify that positive review, you have to be an influential person. The main reason why establishments would consider it a great honor to please important customers (e.g. famous actor or musician) is because it is a great boost to their advertising campaign. In fact, it is one successful endorsement they no longer have to organize. As long as people’s favorite superstar considers the ski resort his favorite vacation hang-out, fans would crowd in that place and validate the popular opinion.

You need to be in the right crowd

Given that being a famous public personality of sorts is relatively unrealistic, there is another way you can successfully promote your favorite ski resort. Joining a popular skiing organization is a guaranteed strategy in bringing out the reputation of your favorite winter vacation venue. That way, your group can organize an important ski jump festival during your extensive ski trip. Another specific example includes being a part of the events team hired to organize an apres ski rock concert. Updating your social media, as a part of these highlight occasions, is a successful promotion campaign strategy.

You need to be one of them

The most direct way of easily promoting your favorite ski resort is to be a part of their management (even for a while, as a freelance endorser). Writers often acquire a good mix of business and pleasure writing for their favorite recreational venues. If your creative advertisement does not make it in the cast social media, the management of the ski vacation destination might pay to archive your material and use it for future promotions (or even hire you as a key marketing staff).

Cancun Student Vacations

It is a regular practice for students to travel in groups and visit new places. This helps them understand a new place, its cultural diversity and helps them understand life. A number of schools and colleges arrange for student trips and vacations. They typically make reservations through travel companies that provide reasonable discounts and special deals for group bookings. Reputed travel companies that offer superior quality holidays at economic rates arrange these overseas education trips. Each year, a number of students travel to Cancun to learn about the local economy, visit natural reserves and acquire first hand local experience.

Cancun is a coastal Mexican city with an average temperature of 80 ° F. The region receives minimal rain but the tropical region continues to be considering cool due to the porous quality of limestone in the region. Cancun is segregated in two distinct parts, sometimes Cancun Island and Cancun city. Student vacations to Cancun allow youngsters to interact with others who share parallel interests and appreciate foreign culture, customs and linguistic differences.

Cancun offers a wide range of hostels and budget hotels that are associated with the International Youth Hostel Federation. Before venturing out, it is advisable to collect information regarding such accommodations and rentals. It is important for students to carry international student ID cards. These are valid identification proof and upon presentation, students are likely to acquire significant savings on travel, lodging and entrance fees. Identification cards permit students to obtain immediate necessary health care in case of emergencies.

Necessary documents, adequate information relating to Cancun and a steady financial source permits students to plan and organize for student trips themselves. A number of travel agents and companies offer student packages. Details and information regarding such deals are easily accessible through local agents and online travel sites. There is a considerable rise in student vacations during the month of March and April as innumerable youngsters flock to the region to indulge in hardcore partying. This is because the permitted drinking age in Mexico is 18 as compared to 21 in America.

Cheap Ski Vacations

A winter vacation to a skiing destination is something that offers relaxation and exercise for both mind and body. Cheap ski vacations are available at the best prices worldwide. Mountainous regions that are scattered across the globe with resorts offer all vacation requirements; from short winter breaks to longer family skiing trips. You can avail of a wide range of cheap skiing vacations with cheap bookings and accommodation.

Typically, the cost of a ski vacation is very high and the vacation is not really an affordable option for low-budget tourists. Ski enthusiasts should have sufficient budget to meet the expenses for accommodations, transportation, parking, lift tickets and equipment rentals. Ski vacations can be enjoyed at inexpensive rates if you plan your trip during off season or on week days. Lesser-known skiing destinations also offer the very best cheap ski vacations. Searching the Internet will certainly help you to seek out cheap ski vacations that are priced the best.

Busy days are not suitable for cheap ski vacations. Winter is the peak skiing season. Even during peak holiday times, some ski resorts offer specials and discounts. There are many discounts and specials available during the holiday season, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the ski destinations offer cheap ski vacation packages always, irrespective of the season.

The USA is home to the best designed and managed ski resorts in the world. Ski destinations around the USA offer a range of great value cheap ski holiday deals with cheap bookings and accommodation in all its ski resorts.

The best way to enjoy cheap ski vacations is through travel packages offered by various ski resorts, travel agencies, airlines, and hotels. These vacation packages are good value for the money and are generally packaged with entertainment. It is possible to have a memorable and cheap skiing experience if one plans carefully in advance.

Expertise, the Key to Successful School Sports Tours

The prospect of taking a group of young people away on school sports tours, academic tours or just plain sightseeing may fill you with more than a little apprehension. However, as long as a few ground rules are followed and your organisational skills are top notch, they can be a wonderful and educational experience for all involved.

The responsibility

Understandably, your top priority will be the safety and security of the youngsters but that will be quickly followed by the pressing need to ensure that they are fully occupied and obtaining value out of the journey. Little may be more of a recipe for difficulties than a group of children or teenagers that are challenged in terms of having something to do that interests them.

Part of helping to make that happen, involves having a clearly defined target for the trip and a very precise plan of action. One of the biggest risks to the success of any such trip is when you are reduced to needing to “wing it” once there in terms of what happens.

Time and expertise

Organising school sports tours is potentially extremely time consuming and it is far from easy. Take, for example, the hypothetical case of a trip to do some canoeing and sightseeing in France. Not only is it necessary to make all the travel arrangements, book accommodation and arrange for inter-site transport once you’re there, but you’ll also have to understand what local permits may be required, what insurance may be required by French law, where to book the appropriate equipment and to arrange for local instructors.

Then, if you’d also like to see some of the local history, you will need to find out where the major sights are, when they’re open, when the local public holidays are (in which case some local attractions may be closed) and so on. It’s quite a task, particularly if you have not previously been responsible for organising study or school sports tours.

Leaving it the experts

Of course, it is perfectly possible to make all the arrangements yourself if you have the time and are prepared to accept the responsibility that comes with a ‘DIY’ approach. However, an alternative may be to leave it to somebody else.

There are companies that specialise in travel and activity arrangements for schools, colleges and youth associations/clubs etc. They will be able to take the weight off of your shoulders and allow you to get on with your normal daily professional routine. In fact, if you consult with them in advance, they may actually be able to suggest a range of alternatives for your school sports tours relating to the activity or interests you and your group have.

Travel With Style

Your heading out for that vacation you’ve been waiting sooo long for. You’ve got your tickets, passports current. Don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion as you jet off to paradise – you can truly have both!

What to take? It’s really quite easy. Don’t just squeeze whatever you can into that suitcase, then hope you’ve got everything to travel in style. We’re going to help you pack the perfect “fashion statement” suitcase for your trip to paradise!

Trip to the Airport

For your trip to the airport dress comfortably but don’t overdo it. Don’t be a “show off” at the airport, you’ll draw as much negative attention as the “scruffy person”.

Remember you’ve got security to clear so keep the jewelry simple to avoid setting off alarms and creating long lineups of backlog as they take you apart one piece at a time.

Carry a travel wallet with slots for your id, passport and boarding pass – it will keep things moving smoothly. Have a pocket in your carry on where you can place your jewelry and coins in prior to clearing security.

Remember your jacket, poncho, or overgarmet may be removed so make sure what your wearing underneath is appropriate for others to view.

Basics to Pack
Pack a lightweight coat, white or light colored shirt that goes with many of your other wardrobe pieces, neutral pants, and a tote bag.

Be sure to include a cardigan for the cooler evenings. Pack a versatile dress than you can dress up or down depending on what your plans are. Pack both flat sandles and sandles with a slight heel – wedges are perfect.

Wardrobe For Sightseeing

As glamourous as you may want to look while out exploring the sites and shopping at your destination, stilettos are out of the question! Comfortable shoes are a must for the mileage your going to put on your feet.

As well you must bring jeans or similar type casual pant, day or night jacket, a versatile skirt and a dress is great.

Your Trip To The Beach

Don’t overpack for a week in the

tropics. Just bring the minimum, you’ll not be wearing much more than that in your “hot” tropical location.

Make certain you have a pair of strappy flat or near flat sandles that you find comfortable for walking in and don’t mind if they get covered in sand or water. Don’t forget your bathing suit or bikini – most important.

Sunglasses and a tote are also needed. Add a light sundress, cotton blend shirt, hat, denim or similar type causal short skirt, shorts, and a light sweater.

Make yourself a checklist. Remember – pack for your destination, pack simple but pack fashionable. Add accessories and jewelry and you’ll have fashionable fun in paradise!