Washington State Wine Tours – Introduction and Vintner Village

With the second largest U.S. wine industry, the wine industry, which has grown by more than $ 1 billion to $ 3 billion in a decade, the Wington wine industry is based on high quality handcrafted wines. And while it is true that many locations around the world and the US are trying to brand their wines this way. Washington is uniquely able to achieve this because it has a long history of growing world-class fruits, including the famous Washington & # 39; s Apples. This is both because Washington is perfect for growing fruit with lots of sun in the summer, as well as glacial and volcanic sensations from the rich geological past Washington is the perfect environment for growing vines. Furthermore, the families who now run the Washington grape industry can still remember today the roots of their pioneering farming spirit, because even though they have a rich breeding history, they can still recall the names of those who started it.

It is this combination of love for the land and the perfect growing environment that makes Washington wine such a rich and wonderful experience. Despite its size, the Washington Wine Industry is still small in comparison to places like Napa Valley, making it easier to do some independent research, especially in the heart of Washington Wine Country. Places like Prosser Village Vintners Village, for example, include a dozen wineries within a few blocks of each other and another twenty within 4 kilometers. With beautiful wine, being guided through the various aspects of Prosser wineries is a rewarding experience.

There are several wineries that you should be sure to visit during your guided tour of Washington wine country, starting with the world-famous cellars of Hogue, one of Washington's best wineries with a great friendly tasting room. is also close to a dozen or so other wineries in Benton Harbor. Desert Winds Winery is another beautiful winery, one that you see well as you drive to the Hogue Cellars, it also contains a small suite of rooms for those visiting the area, all done in a southwestern style as a means of presenting the beauty of the surrounding desert. Thurston Wolfe was a Washington winery in 2007 and is located in the heart of Vintners Village, which makes it the heart of Washington State wines and its wine lives accordingly, just as Prosser & 39; s Wines live in the heart of Washington wine country, this is the perfect place to start your wine tours in Washington State.