Washington Dulles Airport Parking – what are your long term parking options?

Parking at Washington Dulles Airport can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you need long-term parking and do your homework. Washington Dulles (IAD) is a public airport in Dulles, Virginia and serves the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia metropolitan area with the heart of the District of Columbia. This is one of the busiest airports in the US and the largest in the Washington metropolitan area with an annual passenger count of 23 million. Together with the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) and Washington Reagan National Airport, the three serve more than 50 million passengers each year to handle travelers from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

There are approximately 8,300 parking spaces available in two day parking garages near the terminus at Dulles Airport. Passengers can easily access the terminal from garages equipped with an automatic space-counting system that provides real-time information on available space.

Parking at Dulles

There are many parking options available at Washington Dulles Airport, such as hourly, daytime, and economy parking. The hourly parking lot is ideal for picking up passengers and shorter stays as it is located just outside the Main Terminal with an hourly fee of $ 4 per hour and a maximum of $ 36 per day. Day Garages 1 and 2 have a 24-hour shuttle service and charge $ 4 per hour and a maximum of $ 17 per day.

The commercial parking lot has four sections of gold, purple, blue and green and is located away from the main terminal. However, there are 24/7 shuttle services and parcels are easily accessible from Dulles Access. Costs on this lot are $ 5 per hour and a maximum of $ 10 per day. As is obvious from these prices, Commercial Parking is the best choice for long-term parking if you want to park at the airport.

It should be noted that if you do not pick up the vehicle within 45 days, it is at your own risk and expense. In addition, you will be charged a $ 125 towing fee along with storage costs of $ 15 per 24-hour period.

Long-term parking at BWI

BWI Marshall offers a wide range of parking facilities that include covered parking garages as well as many surface lots. Hour by hour the garage charges $ 2 for the first and second half hours. The charge for the second to six hours is $ 4 per hour with a maximum limit of $ 24 per day. Shuttle service is available 24 hours a day and 7 hours to meet your needs.

Long-term parking at BWI Airport is available for a maximum of $ 8 per day. These packages serve narrowly designed 24/7 shuttle buses to the terminal. With economical parking rates and covered pick-up points, this parking service is a pretty affordable option for airport parking.