Writing assignments that complement the class travels to Washington D.C. and NYC

Educational tours sent to Washington D.C. or New York City are a great way to encourage active learning. Visiting historic sites such as the White House and the Capitol in Washington, or visiting the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Boat in New York are just the first steps in the learning process.

Writing Assignments Helping Students Learn About NYC and Washington D.C.

Creating a writing assignment through a trip that requires students to adopt information learned during a visit to Washington D.C. or New York, one way is to make sure students understand the information conveyed on their student journeys.

The Student Tour Group is excited about touring historic sites and learning about how the U.S. government is run or how immigrant families have entered the country. Experienced, licensed and knowledgeable travel guides make a significant difference in any student tour. Both Washington D.C. and New York City must have licensed tour guides to guide groups across the city. A quality student travel company will only work with licensed travel guides.

Teachers and educational travel planners should contract student travel companies that have an excellent reputation and long history of working with school groups. Working with an experienced educational tourism firm will ensure that the information conveyed on the tour is in line with academic standards and learning goals.

To maintain high standards, licensed travel guides in New York and Washington must pass certification tests designed to measure their knowledge of historical and cultural information about the city in which they conduct student tours. If the tour guide is licensed, then the student travel group will certainly receive accurate historical location information. Another benefit of working with licensed travel guides is their ability to accurately answer student travelers' questions about historic sites.

In addition to selecting a qualified educational travel company that employs licensed travel guides, creating a post-trip assignment that addresses one or more destinations in an itinerary is an effective way to help students process events.

Here are some quick ideas for writing assignments that may follow a class in Washington or New York. Teachers will want to give students details of these assignments before the tour so they can take notes while visiting these sites. These writing exercises are designed for high school classrooms. Teachers should be free to modify assignments for specific learning and curriculum goals.

Washington idea for writing assignments after visiting the capital

Teach students to write an essay of 500-750 words about their visit to the U.S. Capitol. Highlight three observations that stood out during your visit to the capital. What did you learn about American democracy that you didn't know about before visiting? Explain in detail. Describe any of the representatives, sites, assistants, or people you may have met or seen during your visit. What are their functions in the democratic process?

Writing an exercise idea after touring the White House

Ask students to write a 500-750 word essay about their trip to the White House. On your visit to the White House, which room did you most draw to and why? Describe in detail the furniture, art and function of this room. How does this room play a role in diplomatic or political relations? Why is this special White House room important and included in the tour?

Writing New York's assignment to follow the Ellis Island boat tour and the Statue of Liberty

Write a 500-750 essay that combines at least eight different facts about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Describe in your own words why these two significant New York landmarks are central to American history.

These assignment writing ideas are designed to inspire students to listen and listen carefully while on tour. They are specifically designed for higher education tourism groups visiting Washington D.C. or New York City. For more information on scheduling a student tour (with a licensed travel guide) for any destination or city in the US, visit http://www.educationaltravelconsultants.com or email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com.