Publication in Pierce-Tacoma County Washington (08/12/2012)

Posting service is the most expensive option when serving legal documents. The most common and best type of service is always personal service; if personal service is not feasible, then replaced service is the next best alternative. The required first class mail signing service can be completed in certain circumstances, but most individuals simply will not sign the envelope, and in the end, we publish the service. Use of the publication requires an order or special permission from the court at which your claim is filed. There are several reasons why a posting service might be justified. For example, if the defendant is homeless or is told that the target is evading or evading service. For these reasons, the court may or may not order you to authorize the service by posting. This type of service is by far the most expensive and time-consuming way to provide a service to the defendant. All other options should be fully exhausted before attempting a service of this type, including multiple attempts at old addresses, depositing neighbors, family members, and any associates to minimize any possibility of requiring a good address. If you have not yet purchased a good address for an individual, you should do a skip – a clue that on your part would indicate a well-intentioned effort to find the opposite side. The process by which publication is sought varies from county to county and each local jurisdiction has its own set of rules that must be followed to satisfy the court. In most cases, the posting service is managed by lawyers, but if you cannot afford it, you can try to use a legal subscription. They offer full legal consultation on all legal issues at a nominal fee of $ 17.00 per month with no annual contract. This means that you can use the service during your case and cancel it at any time. Prepaid legal services can be purchased at Trying to navigate through the details of legal forms can be problematic, especially if you do not have a working knowledge of legal documents and civil procedure. For this reason, we recommend that you call a lawyer for further guidance before attempting to do it yourself. However, if you are unable to get a lawyer, there are some free resources that can help you along the way. offers great operating and user manuals available on their website; they are also a great resource for other legal documents and forms. Keep in mind that not all situations are alike, so be careful when using these forms, but they are also useful and not flawless. Once you have completed your declaration of service by posting and have all the documents filed with the court, you will need to obtain a court order, please note that you will need to show detailed proof that you have no other way to perform the service. Google, Wikipedia,, and the County Special Law Library are good resources with pre-paid legal information for posting service information.

Post your ad in the newspaper!

After you have signed the court order, call your county clerk for a list of lists approved for the publication of legal newsletters in your county. (RCW 65.16.070). Also see the Washington State Legislature website,, or a quick Google search (WA service) will lead to the same result. Samples of boiler plates from the State website (RCW 4.28.110) and (RCW 12.04.100) are below for reference. Most legal notices are mostly kept in the Tacoma News Tribune or the Tacoma Daily Index. The Tacoma Daily Index will run 100 words for $ 31.00 for the first day and $ 27.00 for additional days, a total of $ 409.00 for 3 weeks and $ 818.00 for a 6-week period. Publications typically run for 3 to 6 weeks in a row, depending on what litigation you have, consult a lawyer. The newspaper will generate a mailing confirmation at the end of your run. You can reach the Tribune News Tribune at 253-597-8742 or the Tacoma Daily Index at (253) -627-4853. Remember to fill out a court statement.

Samples RCW 4.28.110 and RCW 12.04.100 (District Court) are listed below.

RCW 4.28.110 (Service as of 08.12.2012)

Publication method and invitation form.

The publication shall be made in the newspapers of the general press in the county where the complaint is filed once a week for six consecutive weeks: CHECKED, publication of the invitation may not be made until after the appeal has been lodged and served. The summons must be signed by the prosecutor or his attorney or attorneys. The summons shall contain the date of the first announcement and shall require the defendant or defendants to be served with the announcement by publication and to respond to the appeal within sixty days from the date of the first announcement of the summons. and the call for publication also contains a brief statement of the subject of the action. The invitation to publish will generally be as follows:

In the Washington County Superior Court …
…, the plaintiff,


No …
…, the defendants.

Washington State to the following (designation of defendant or defendant to whom disclosure will be served):

You are invited to appear within sixty days of the date of the first publication of this summons, within sixty days after … day …, 1 …, and to defend the above proceedings in the title court above, and to answer the appeal plaintiff …, and deliver

a copy of your response to the plaintiff's undersigned attorneys …, in his (or their) office below; and in the event of your failure, judgment will be rendered to you in accordance with the request of the appeal, which was filed with the clerk of the said court. (Enter a brief statement of the subject of the action here.)


Plaintiffs attorneys.

PO address …
County …

(2011 c 336 § 98; 1985 c 469 § 2; 1895 c 86 § 2; 1893 c 127 § 10; RRS § 233.)


Publication of Legal Notices: Chapter 65.16 RCW.

RCW 12.04.100 (District Court)

(Service as per announcement since 8/12/2012)

Service by publication.

In the event that the absence of a defendant from the county requesting the initiation of personal service cannot be rendered personal service, it is appropriate to publish a summons or notice accompanied by a brief statement of the case and a prayer request or complaint, in some of the general circulation newspapers in the county where the action was initiated , which shall be published at least once a week for a period of three weeks prior to the time specified for the cause hearing, which shall not be less than four weeks from the first publication of the notice. The notification may be mainly as follows:

Washington State,

| | > |


County …
In justice, the court, … justice.

For …
We would like to inform you that he … filed an appeal (or a request, as the case may be) against you in the aforementioned court, which is to come to my office in …, in … Washington County, on … the day …, 19th AD …, at … hour … m., And if you do not show up and answer, the same will be taken as acknowledged and the claim of the plaintiff granted. The subject matter and request of the said request (or objection, as the case may be) is (insert a brief statement here).

Appeal filed …, 19th AD …
…, JP

(1985 c 469 § 6; Code 1881 § 1720; 1873 p 337 § 27; RRS § 1766.)


Legal Publications: Chapter 65.16 RCW.

(RCW 65.16.010-160) – (8/12/2012)

(RCW 12/04/100) – (08/12/2012)

(RCW 4.28.100) – (08/12/2012)

(RCW 4.28.110) – (8/12/2012)