Washington Post; Is that stupid?

It used to be that every morning all politicians and bureaucrats picked up the Washington Post to see what it said, and lately many people find it simply irrelevant and no longer sell out in Starbucks. Why this?

The Washington Post has a subscription or so they say, and yet the material is not really worth reading. Many articles have a liberal bias to pervert and I guess that’s good and good for people on the Maryland side, or should I say Merry Land.

Still, the Washington Post was once an esteemed newspaper, and now they seem to be writing well in eighth grade and don't really tell people much more than they did on the nightly news. In fact, it seems to be somewhat regurgitated information and inclined towards the irrelevant side.

It is amazing that the Washington Post continues to be respected with that level of reading in eighth grade because it is at the heart of our nation and you would hope that the people who run the country would be smarter than that and more interested in reading more meaningful material.

People in the Washington, DC, are fatiguing or it's the Washington Post. Is it often said that the press and newspapers are just a reflection of the whole society or are they provoking it? Think about it in 2006.