Washington State Laws and Penalties

In Washington, the penalties and costs involved in driving are steep. Receiving an injury of this nature can bring people back years. This is no coincidence because most states in the US, including Washington, have enacted laws that make DUIs really hurt.

What exactly is DUI in Washington State? By law, driving under the influence means that you drive a motor vehicle with an alcohol level of 0.08% or higher and if you are a minor.02% or more. Although the laws are specific for people who drink and drive, you can break even if you reach those over-the-counter levels such as cough syrup or other prescription drugs.

What are the penalties and costs?

The first most obvious cost of getting a DWI has nothing to do with the state. Unlike other states that have your vehicle mandate towed when you receive this violation, Washington State says you can leave your car in the general vicinity at the discretion of police officers. The police giving you a DUI will make this decision and many times will be based on how much you respect them and your attitude. Because of some other laws I'll explain later if your car is towed, you probably won't be able to pull it out for at least three days. This will cost you $ 300- $ 500 just to get your car out of jail.

What is Washington State doing?

There is a mandatory prison of 24 hours. This is not negotiable. If you have had previous offenses or if your alcohol has been above 15%, your mandatory prison time is 48 hours.

Your driving license will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days, and at the discretion of the judge, may be suspended for a maximum of four years. When it comes to suspending a driver's license, local judges have a lot of power over that. They may decide to open the light or knock you down depending on your attitude and past insults.

You also need to pay a mandatory $ 200 fee to request a "driving under the influence" hearing. Whether you are found guilty or not, there is no refund.

The state of Washington imposes a $ 350- $ 5,000 fine on you when you are caught driving while exceeding the legal limit. Again, roughly as a term of license suspension, a judge has almost complete control over the amount of the fine. If you like to eat, put a penalty to a minimum. If not, you will work for a while to pay that amount.

The last thing that happens when you get a DUI has to do with your car insurance. If you have low rates, you can say goodbye to that. If you have high rates, prepare for newer rates you never thought possible. You will now need special car insurance called "SR 22." This special type of auto insurance can be 30% -200% more than usual policies.

With all these penalties in mind, you can clearly see why it is best to avoid receiving this type of violation at all costs. If you are at a bar or nightclub and think you are close.08%, call a friend or a taxi. If you are in a friend's house and you feel like you might be nearing the legal limit, either wait for a while or not drive.

Costs are not worth the risk. The state of Washington, as well as other states, violates and enforces laws that aim to prevent drunk driving. Too many people have been killed at the Association of "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" and lobbying hard to keep the books sharp. People who ignore the fact that they are going to pay in the future are also successful.