Mount Washington Valley Inns Visit Inn-to-Inn Cookies


1785 Inn and Restaurant – Wine Spectators Restaurant said the 1785 Inn & Restaurant is one of the best wine lists in the world. I spotted a marvelous parlor with an incredibly unusual Christmas tree downstairs with bottles filled as decorations and bunches of lighted grapes providing lots of cheer. The hosts, Becky and Charlie Mallar, welcomed us to their spectacular hotel with beautiful furnishings and attention to detail, just a little less spectacular than the view. They offer a nice dining area with a menu that made me wish I wasn't so full of cookies from the Inn-to-Inn cookie tour! Located on 6 acres of beautiful real estate, the Inn offers proximity to XC ski trails, beautiful gardens, a swimming pool and did I mention the views? A large private room with a view ranges from $ 119 a night to $ 199 for a vacation.

Admiral Peary House – Although Admiral Peary's home is located in Fryeburg, Maine, it is a member of Mt. Bed and Breakfast in Washington, DC and that's why it's listed here. This hotel is the former home of Admiral Robert E. Peary, an Arctic explorer. When you enter the informal living room (with fireplace and pool table) from the three-season porch, which serves as the entrance to the Inn, you immediately feel the charm of this Inn. The hosts of the Inn, who speak with obvious Australian accents, Hilary Jones and Derrek Schlottman, welcome you to their sunny kitchen, where they look most at home. The inn is warm and sunny, but I only saw the rooms, as they were not available for personal sightseeing. Prices range from $ 95 to $ 185.

The Bartlett Inn, located in Bartlett, is an ongoing hotel; The living room floors are among the most perfect floors I've ever seen, but most of the others need remodeling. Guests can hike, bike, snow shoes or XC ski from the back door of this interesting Inn. We looked at three rooms that all had interesting nodes, cottages and niches. Their prices are very reasonable, but the rooms are a bit small (but include a fireplace).

Covered Bridge House – If you are looking for an imaginative, this is not the place for you; if you are looking for a comfortable and homely place, then it is. Originally built in 1850, this Inn offers small but comfortable rooms and very friendly hosts who wish to please their guests. They offer good prices, outdoor hot tub but only 6 rooms.

Darby Field Restaurant & Inn – Darby Field Inn offers outstanding accommodation as well as a full service bar and restaurant. Just driving here for dinner is well worth the trip. This hotel is as beautiful and romantic as the Inn. How about a horse-drawn carriage or a sleigh ride under the moon? I wish I had dressed warmer (I was there for dinner) so I could take the ride offered. A seasonal heated underground pool, hiking trails and spa services are available. Room rates range from $ 140 to $ 279.

The Eastman Inn offers a lovely and welcoming entrance and a wonderful living room that only invites guests to just stay in the magic. Although only the dressing room was available for viewing, these were nicer rooms than the other Inns where I stayed, only slightly smaller. Nice view of the forest.

The Ellis River Inn brings new meaning to the word WOW. The hot tub atrium made me move in immediately, especially after seeing the playroom and the pub. The whole hotel is bright and sunny and offers a huge breakfast room, a seasonal pool, a lovely gazebo with the Ellis River in the background and beautiful guest rooms. Frank and Lyn Baker were wonderful and gracious hosts who seemed very proud of what they created here, and rightly so.

Glen Oaks Inn is a wonderful ground-floor hotel with ground-floor hosts, Mitchell and Lind. Linda is a baker, Mitchell is a chef, but they are both wonderful and gracious hosts, though Linda would not share her cinnamon bark recipe. The 8-room hotel also offers 3 cottages with double beds, en-suite bathrooms and some rooms with gas fireplace. The inn sits on 24-night snacks and incredible cinnamon rolls. Just to get ready, Linda insists that you sing the song on the way out the door, at least at Christmastime!

Crystal Lake Inn – While I would describe one of the seating areas and the Palmer Pub "funky", there are two hallmarks of this wonderful inn. Here is a unique feeling of old and new, but it all came together in the form of a wonderful inn. Situated in Eaton, this hotel is close to all the activities you could hope to enjoy: skiing, biking, swimming, ice fishing, sleigh rides, and close to Conway tax-free shopping mall.

Jackson-Host Inns by Don and Joyce Bilger made this hotel so cozy and welcoming! The guest room I visited was blue in color and had a gas fireplace, lit that cold day, and a huge bathroom. The inn offers free WIFI, an outdoor hot tub, a TV in the room with DVD players (DVD library is available) and you could literally cross the ski slopes from the back door. Prices range from $ 109 to $ 249.

Lakeview B&B and Cottages – This beautiful Inn overlooks the beautiful Silver Lake and offers a quiet retreat at the Victorian Inn. There is a beach nearby and canoes and kayaks in summer, and in winter the lake offers ice skating. The inn is directly on the NH Snowmobile Corridor, making it a logical choice for winter nights.

Notchland Inn was the first stop of our Inn-to-Inn tour. Hosts Ed Butler and Les Schoof were gracious and kind, as were their Burmese mountain dogs who greeted us. The inn was charming, but in a GREAT way; charming usually has small cozy places in mind, but the Notchland Inn was large and cozy. The dining room was so welcoming, as were the many living rooms and porches. All 12 guest rooms feature wood burning fireplaces. Prices range from $ 195 to $ 365. You may decide to include dinner at the restaurant for a nightly fee. There are minimum stays during some parts of the year; check online at

The Old Red Inn and Cottages – This pet-friendly hotel offers 7 self-catering guest rooms at the main hotel and 10 cottages. There is a seasonal pool, in-room TV / DVDs and refrigerators.

Riverbend Inn Located in Chocorua, this hotel offers spectacular solitude with the sound of the river forever as background noise. I happened to see one upstairs bathroom that must have the best view from the "throne" just like any bathroom in the world. Yankee Magazine says Riverbend Inn is "Hollywood's perfect inn, elegantly mixing art and antiques without sacrificing comfort," which in my opinion is humbling. There is a nice deck and outdoor seating area to enjoy the peaceful environment as well as hiking trails. Hosts Craig Cox and Jerry Weiss welcome tasks in their wonderful Inn of the Year.

The Wildflowers Inn B&B is a spectacular guesthouse offering spectacular views of the Presidential Range and the mountains. Washington. The common space offers a cheerful room with Asian accents, a pool table, a large (huge) screen, and all the reading material that a person might be longing for. The rooms are gorgeous, offering free WIFI and private baths; Jacuzzi suites are available as well as beautiful gazebo and gardens. The goal of host Bob & Emily Koch, is to make every guest feel like their Inn is home to them. I was there for cookies, but I didn't want to leave!