Washington Family Activities


Washington DC is a fun and exciting place to visit for kids and adults alike. However, visiting one monument after another and touring all the political buildings might be too overwhelming for your children. So try to mingle in a couple of these fun, interactive places.
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National Zoo
This is probably the absolute best place to go with your kids. You could probably spend a few days looking at the 400 different species of animals they have there. I suggest you talk to your kids before you go, so you know what animals they want to see. Stop by them, see a few others, and make sure they see animals they’ve never seen at other zoos. If you are short on funds, do not worry, as admission to this zoo is free.

The discovery of Theater
Before you leave the Smithsonian, or simply return the next day, stop by the Discovery Theater. It is located in the Ripley Center of the National Mall and is a live theater designed for school-age children. The shows are MF 10-11: 30 and are usually stories and stories told in dance, music, puppet shows and more.

Washington Monument
This may not be a lengthy activity, but take the kids to the top and visit the George Washington Monument. Most kids will prefer to see the monument than the monument and will easily spend 20-30 minutes showing all the little things below.

Glen Echo Park
This park is open year-round and offers activities for your kids at the theater, dance and more. They also have workshops, festivals and concerts. Have a puppet show, theater plays and through the program and exhibits you can explore many things like art, nature, history and more. On top of everything, if you go from May to September, allow your kids to ride the wonderful Dentzel carousel.

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