Condos to Everett Washington

There are apartments for sale across the United States. Their prices vary as much as their locations (from cheap to very expensive). Some people use a holiday apartment while others live in their apartment all year long. In many cases, you have to work less yards than live in a home. You have no neighbors […]

Washington Family Activities

Washington DC is a fun and exciting place to visit for kids and adults alike. However, visiting one monument after another and touring all the political buildings might be too overwhelming for your children. So try to mingle in a couple of these fun, interactive places. National Zoo This is probably the absolute best place […]

Mount Washington Valley Inns Visit Inn-to-Inn Cookies

1785 Inn and Restaurant – Wine Spectators Restaurant said the 1785 Inn & Restaurant is one of the best wine lists in the world. I spotted a marvelous parlor with an incredibly unusual Christmas tree downstairs with bottles filled as decorations and bunches of lighted grapes providing lots of cheer. The hosts, Becky and Charlie […]

Washington State DUI Defense Information

If you are arrested at a DUI in Washington State, the consequences can be great. A DUI conviction carries a mandatory jail time, mandatory license revocation, fines and court costs. Living in Washington state – bordering Canada – it is important to note that you may not be allowed to enter Canada if you have […]

Can you get a horse-drawn carriage?

DUI on horseback. Is that even possible? You may be surprised to learn that DUIs on horseback have been raised against people before, even in 2009 (contrary to popular belief, there was no such thing as DUIs at a time when horseback riding was the predominant mode of travel). Which reminds me, this is not […]

The Inventions of George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a lecturer at the Normal and Industrial Institute of Blacks in Tuskegee in 1897. Carver was mainly concerned with the study of the problems faced by cotton farmers. He developed a method by which farmers could retain and preserve nutrients in the soil. This was also known as the crop rotation […]