Washington Post; Is that stupid?

[ad_1] It used to be that every morning all politicians and bureaucrats picked up the Washington Post to see what it said, and lately many people find it simply irrelevant and no longer sell out in Starbucks. Why this? The Washington Post has a subscription or so they say, and yet the material is not […]

Washington State Laws and Penalties

[ad_1] In Washington, the penalties and costs involved in driving are steep. Receiving an injury of this nature can bring people back years. This is no coincidence because most states in the US, including Washington, have enacted laws that make DUIs really hurt. What exactly is DUI in Washington State? By law, driving under the […]

A Look at the Law of the CJ of Washington State

[ad_1] "C.J.'s Law," a law passed in Washington state in 1998, requires that certain cube-style trucks have rear-view mirrors or a rear-view device to alert the driver when someone or something is behind the vehicle. A young child, C. J. Norton, was tragically killed in Lynnwood, Washington, in a parking lot when his back delivery […]

How to Spend the Fall in Washington |

[ad_1] Washington DC is best known for being the capital of the United States, often referred to as "Capital City", with a population of just over 600,000. Washington DC is known for its architecture, among other things, and boasts of at least 7 different styles across the city, including Châteauesque, Beaux-Arts, various Victorian styles, and […]

Tourist Attractions in Washington

[ad_1] Washington is the capital of the United States, located in the federal district known as the "District of Columbia," located between the states of Maryland and Virginia. The city is home to all three branches of the US government (executive, legislative, and judicial), as well as various other governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations (including, […]

Best Luxury Hotels in Washington, DC

[ad_1] Washington DC should be on the list of all world travelers, as the seat of the US government. This lovely capital has many historical monuments and great shopping, but it is not a cheap place to visit. There are many luxury hotels in Washington DC from which to explore the area's museums, parks and […]

History of Washington

[ad_1] This is an article that talks about the events of Washington. From its founding until the Civil War. For starters, Philadelphia acted as the capital of the united states. However, in 1783 a major mess occurred. The mafia was mostly made up of old soldiers who wanted to pay there. Congress has asked the […]