Unraveling the Three Myths of George Washington

[ad_1] George Washington, our first president, is one of the foremost figures in American history. He is known to many Americans as the "father of our nation" because he became the greatest American legend involved in the freedom and development of our country in numerous ways: a military hero, the first president, a signer of […]

George and Martha Washington Lamps – History

[ad_1] Sorry, but these lamps don't really have much to do with George and Martha Washington, except for their fashion and dress fashion. Most George and Martha Washington lamps are made of porcelain circa 1940. They are usually made of genuine 22K gold ornament. Try as much as you want, but you can never duplicate […]

Top 5 facts about the George Washington Bridge

[ad_1] Tourists and history buffs love the interesting facts about the George Washington Bridge. There is certainly no shortage of fun facts about the George Washington Bridge. Here are the five most unusual. 1. Radio fans save the jumper Howard Stern fans were called to action on December 7, 1994. A young man called Stern's […]

Mt Washington Real Estate: A Look at the Numbers

[ad_1] For many years – a decade, in fact – LA County in Mount Washington was one of the hidden treasures of the Los Angeles neighborhood. All that changed during the boom of real estate in the mid-1990s and since that time, running on the mountain. Homes For Sale In Washington Related To California Gold […]

Springtime in Washington – our top 10 things to see

[ad_1] 1 NATIONAL PARK This is not your dad's baseball stadium, the Washington Nationals play in one of the country's most modern parks that make everything very convenient and memorable. The biggest feature that stands out is the digital displays used for concession stands in the park. Orders come faster and with fewer errors, which […]

What America needs now is a secular president, like George Washington

[ad_1] Religious controversies always result in more cruelty and irreconcilable hatred than those originating from any other source. ( George Washington, letter to sir Edward Newenham, June 22, 1792) Reduce your enthusiasm for progressive candidates who mock your religious faith. This essay explains why god speakers, however attractive they may be, will prove dangerous to […]

Jumping for beginners at Washington State

[ad_1] STRENGTHENING BAIL: In Washington, a person commits a "bail" offense if released on personal recognizance or on bail and released with knowledge to be returned to court for subsequent hearing. Washington Revised Code 9A.76.170 (1). A person is also guilty of bail jump if they have knowledge of the requirement to apply to a […]