Enjoying Florida – Great Vacation Attractions

Florida, the Sunshine State, is home to much more than just beaches. The entire state is a wondrous place filled with numerous attractions for vacationers.

Sure, you might know about Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, but here are a handful of vacation attractions you may not know of.

Let's just see what we can dig up in Florida.


If you are looking for stuff to do with the kids, take them to Jacksonville Museum of science and History. It'll be fun for the whole family, and educational at the same time.


For the romantic couples out there, I have a perfect place for you. Sanibel and Captiva Islands are as romantic as it can get. Take a walk on the white sandy beaches. You and your loved one with walk hand in hand experiencing pure tranquility.

The Wild

For my money, the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, which spans over 35,000 acres, is also another must-see attraction. Enthusiastic nature lovers pack your backpacks and your tents and let's go camping.

Silver Springs – Ocala, Florida

Silver Springs is a beautiful 350-acre "nature's theme park." Here you can see the underground springs from the famous glass-bottom boat. The Silver Springs surrounds the headwaters of the Silver River, the world's largest artesian spring.

Let's Ride

If you like to hike or ride a bike, the Grayton Beach State Park offers a four-mile off road trail. There's even a 10-mile bike path along Hwy.30.

Bikers who like a leisure pace and eye-popping scenery will enjoy all this great park has to offer.

So Much More in Florida

Florida has countless opportunities to enjoy yourself. I hope this sampling of vacation attractions sparked an interest and brave you more ideas. From the beaches to canoeing to culture to fishing, Florida has it all.

The Staycation – A Vacation You Take Without the Usual Stress and High Costs

The term staycation hasn’t been with us for more than a couple of years and in the current financial crisis people and families are torn between needing to get away for a while and managing their budgets. The objective of a staycation is to take what your immediate area has to offer and do what you want to do. Needing to relax is more important than ever, your decisions are more important and you need to be able to focus and think rationally and that only happens in minds that are not over worked or stressed out.

So you need some time away, but don’t have the cash to go anywhere. Whether its just you or the whole family, start with blocking out some time by scheduling vacation days with work; now you are committed. The next step is to find out what each person you are traveling with would enjoy doing during some of that time. Lastly, research the options in your area and don’t let the word research scare you. This is going to be a fun project and if your kids are old enough they can research the activity that they have chosen. You’ll want to know what the hours of operation are, the cost, supplies needed, any restrictions (like are strollers allowed) and plan each day accordingly.

If the children have drastically different preferences for activities or choose expensive activities, then it may make a lot of sense to divide and conquer. The kids are happy doing what they enjoy, you get to enjoy some “quality time” with one of your children when they are their best. The other idea is to set a limit as to how much a child’s activity can cost. If one child’s activity is cheaper, then their day may get to include dinner at their favorite restaurant, a stop at the ice cream stand on the way home or even a new fishing pole to take to the lake that day.

The cost will be so dramatically less expensive then traveling somewhere, that you can probably have an expensive date night at a nice restaurant, go to a play, stay in a local hotel with a pool for the kids, go to a local amusement park or have one overnight trip with the rest of the time spent locally.

If you are the type of person that never sits still, then you won’t have a problem thinking of things to do and will have a great time. If you are the type that can spend an entire weekend on the couch, then the biggest risk associated with staycations is treating it like it’s a weekend and never getting off the couch or running errands and doing housework, so you end up not doing anything fun. That’s why I think planning a staycation is important for these people, because it’s easier to follow through when you have plans.

One last piece of advise to consider is about those you enjoy spending time with and have fun with them. If that means dinner with the next door neighbors or seeing family, then great; but this isn’t a holiday, so you don’t have to go see family if you don’t want to. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, if I’m around people I enjoy, I’m always having fun.

Learn more about Staycations at Staycations: Vacation without Stress.

Vacations Are Good For Business

Summer has arrived and with it, our most popular vacation season. Nevertheless, a surprisingly large number of American workers, whether full-time employees who receive benefits, business owners, or other self-employed professionals, will not take time off to relax and get away this year, in summer or any other season.

There are many of us who apparently feel that stepping away from work responsibilities now and again signals a lack of discipline or commitment to our jobs. Many of us brag about the number of hours we work each day and more is always better. Could it be the legacy of the Puritan work ethic?

Furthermore, U.S. companies on the whole are stingy about granting paid time off, as compared to their counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Latin America. Even in Great Britain, birthplace of the hard-working, pleasure-avoiding Puritans, employers large and small traditionally grant to their full-time employees three paid holidays at Christmas, while U.S. companies typically grant only one paid holiday.

Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, but in predominantly Christian America, there is no paid holiday for Easter. In contrast, paid holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday are standard in Latin America, New Zealand, Australia and European Union member countries.

The Center For Economic and Policy Research reports that 25% of U.S. workers receive no paid time off of any kind—sick time, holiday, or vacation time. An increasing number of companies that employ primarily low-wage workers restrict the number of hours that their employees receive, to keep benefits out of reach for as many as possible.

U.S. workers are ourselves complicit in the anti-vacation time practice. According to the jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor, 75% of employees who are eligible to receive paid vacation time do not use all of their benefit days in a given year. Sadly, there may be a method to the madness.

The global forecasting organization Oxford Economics (part of Oxford University) found that 13% of managers are less likely to promote staff who use all of their vacation days and that employees who take fewer vacation days on average earn nearly 3% more pay than employees who use all vacation time granted.

Yet Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, is considered the thought leader of a trend that advocates for offering unlimited vacation time to employees. He believes that leaders should trust their employees to make wise decisions about when and how much vacation time to take, and balance the companys’ needs and their personal needs.

Full Contact, a Denver, CO software company, now offers a $7500 bonus to employees if they actually leave town when on vacation. Conditions apply. Those employees must refrain from using tech gadgets such as mobile phones or computers and refrain also from sending emails and texts. Employees cannot work while on vacation.

Finally, Jim Moffatt, CEO of mega consulting firm Deloitte, extols the benefits of vacations, stating “By taking a break from day-to-day operations, not only was I spending more much-needed time with my family, but also I was able to focus on the bigger picture of where we (Deloitte) were and where our business was going.”

Are you convinced yet? It’s not easy for independent business owners and Solopreneurs to take time off, but make it a point to get out of town for a weekend trip or two this summer, if possible. Your clients will be better served when you are rested and ready to deliver the solutions that they need.

Thanks for reading,


Cruise Vacations – Our Top 10 Reasons for Choosing to Cruise

Anyone who has taken fabulous Cruise Vacations can give you a hundred reasons for cruising your vacation time away. Once you have taken a cruise vacation, you’ll know why. Cruising has so much to offer a vacationer it’s no wonder that cruises have become so very popular.

We will look into just ten reasons for choosing a cruise vacation. These may not be your top 10 once you have cruised, but you will certainly understand why we say there are hundreds of reasons!

10. Cruising variety!

There are hundreds of cruise ships and boats to choose from. Small charter cruisers to the mega ships, cruising gives you a tremendous number of options. Then you can look at the destinations and ports-of-call depending on your taste and desires. From a cruise to nowhere, to a world cruise, you have almost unlimited options! On the mega ships, you have a variety of dining venues to enchant with exquisite cuisine. These ships also offer a wide variety of activities and even evening entertainment. Choose a cruise vacation for its variety!

9. Cruise vacation value!

A vacation cruise offers tremendous value. With the price of your cruise ticket, you get your efficient yet comfortable stateroom with housekeeping that seems to be never ending. The pampering service that you receive is exceptional in terms of resorts. You receive all on-board meals. In the case of the mega ships, this can mean a choice of elegant dining rooms with mouth watering presentations. These floating resorts provide a number of athletic activities that can range from volleyball and basketball to rock climbing and ice skating! And when the sun sets, the ships turn into “entertainment central”. From Broadway and Vegas style shows to intimate lounges to rocking discos, the mega cruise ships offer it all!

8. Vacation activities while cruising!

What is your idea of vacation activities? Is it water sports? Cruising certainly has that with swimming pools and resort beaches. How about sightseeing? Do the historic cities of Europe intrigue you or would exotic ports of call be more enticing? Think vacation cruise! How about cultural lectures and educational tours? What about golfing on a different island every day in port? Does your vacation include a visit to the casino? Or, is your idea of vacationing soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach or by the pool? You guessed it. You can have any of these vacation activities by choosing an appropriate cruise vacation!

7. Cruising for family vacations!

Cruising is fantastic for family vacations of all ages! (See Family Cruise Vacation.) Many of the larger cruise lines and cruise ships offer special programs for children and teens. Kids get to get away from mom and dad, and mom and dad get some free time to relax and enjoy each others’ company. With all of the activities available on board ship, no one should become bored. Add the interesting and educations shore excursions at the various ports-of-call, and everyone gets an appreciation of how others live. Special menu offerings for children make dining a breeze. And on some ships, there are 24 hour pizzerias! Ice cream stations add to the enchantment. Some cruise lines also offer a special coupon or ticket for soft drinks at a minimal cost. Some ships offer babysitting as well – but it’s best to check first. Choose a cruise for your next family vacation!

6. Choose a cruise to experience new horizons!

Unpack your bags when you arrive on board your cruise ship and that’s it! On some itineraries you will be in a new port-of-call every day. But you won’t have to pack… unpack… pack… unpack… – you get the idea! Experience some of the best destinations the world has to offer while relaxing and enjoying your time between ports! No more long waits in airports or cramped seating on trains or busses. Relax by the pool, work-out in the gym, enjoy some free time gaming, read a good book – you decide how you use your time between the fascinating and intriguing ports. Go to sleep in your comfortable stateroom in one port and wake up in a new port with adventure ahead!

5. The simplicity of cruises for vacationing!

With a little investigation up-front, your cruise vacation is as simple as booking… then enjoying! Once on board, your time is your own – no pressure to be here at this time and there at that time. Enjoy your vacation and return from your cruise refreshed (not needing a vacation from your vacation). Do as much – or as little – as you like! Nearly all expenses are paid for with your cruise ticket. A little spending money is about all you need. Talk about simple – come on board and have everything looked after for you! Now that’s a vacation!

4. Romance and cruise vacations!

For hundreds of years there has been a romantic mystique about the seas. What could be more romantic than sailing off into the sunset while sipping a glass of fine wine on your private balcony? Perhaps strolling arm in arm on an elegant formal night with your better half dressed to the nines. What about a honeymoon to some of the most romantic ports in the world? Perhaps a quiet secluded cove with white sandy beach. Enjoy each others’ company at a quiet table in one of the intimate lounges. Or dance into the night under the stars. Take a while and lose yourselves while utilizing the spa services for two. Nothing could be more romantic than a cruise vacation!

3. Vacation cruises’ pampering service!

For many people, nothing is more important for enjoyment while vacationing than service. If you receive good service, you are content. Be prepared to have your socks blown off! Most cruise lines train there staff in the fine art of customer service. Your room steward or stewardess will do their absolute utmost to ensure that your stateroom is kept just the way you like. From the bartenders to the wait staff to the activities staff, each cruise staff member’s aim is to please. On our last cruise, our wine steward and the table staff in the dining room were absolutely wonderful. When you board your cruise ship be prepared to be pampered!

2. Cruise vacation dining!

Many people will tell you that this is the number one reason for taking a cruise. The fabulous menu options have your mouth watering. Then the presentation arrives and you are certainly not disappointed. The main dining rooms are places of elegance and formality. Most ships have alternate dining options as well – some with a small cover charge. There are usually casual dining options as well. Some ships have poolside grilles and some even have 24 hour pizzerias as mentioned earlier. Most offer 24 hour in-suite dining as well. And don’t miss out on the midnight buffet! Special menus can – in most cases – be provided with advance notice. Pack a pair of stretchy pants or slacks – just in case !

1. Because YOU deserve it!

The number on reason for taking a cruise vacation is because you deserve it! You work hard all year long for your vacation time and money. Vacation cruises provide you with tremendous value, variety, comfort and enjoyment. There are itineraries that will elate almost any vacation traveler. Whether your cruise vacation is a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life, you deserve this fantastic escape!

If you have any questions regarding choosing the right cruise line for you, send us a note at info@a1-discount-cruises.com using the subject line “Questions”.

Travel Vs Vacation

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between travel and vacation? These two things seem pretty similar but I think there's a big difference. I think that when someone is really traveling they are experiencing a whole new culture not simply living at a resort for a week. When I say experiencing a whole new culture I mean truly experiencing the sites, the sounds, the taste the people, all the things that make a culture what it is. I think this is the true essence of travel. How much of a culture can a person honestly experience if the simply go somewhere for a week and hang out at a hotel the whole time. It always saddens me when I hear people talking about the awesome vacation that they took or that their planning on taking. Not that I would not take a vacation it's just not the same as traveling. Now do not get me wrong I would never turn down a free vacation but I would much rather have someone foot the bill for me to go traveling. I think that vacation time is more of a time to relax and try to recharge your battery, where as traveling can be physically draining and tiring. Let's look at some of the things that make travel so much different then vacation shall we.

For me travel can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be exhausting both mentally and physically. I think above all else the thing that makes traveling so unique and amazing is the fact that you get to experience a completely different culture. I mean is there anything more exciting then experiencing a new culture? I especially love the new people that you can meet while traveling. In most foreign countries locals will go out of their way to hospitable to a complete stranger. Of course not every culture is like this and there are actually some places where you might actually be looked down upon. Another thing that I really love about visiting a new culture is the food of course I am a total food junkie so you might not like foreign foods quite as much as me. While some people get disgusted by the thought of eating something that they can not even recognize I absolutely love the idea of ​​being immersed in a culture through food. I mean think about it would America really be America without apple pie? Absolutely not! So just like America would not be America without apple pie India would not be India without Naan. So next time you're traveling try some of the local foods. So away from unique people and unique food there are a couple of other things that are great about travel versus vacation.

Some people use their travel time as a sort of soul searching time and if that's what you want to do travel is definitely a great way to do it. People have been known to go on round the world trips for as long two years trying to understand themselves better and often times these people come back knowing what they want to do with their lives or, at least having a better idea. Also when you living out of your backpack or suitcase with the bare essentials you tend to figure out what you think is really important in life. Nothing will make you realize the beauty of a sunset like not having a TV. to suck you away from it.

Another thing that you can do while traveling abroad in foreign countries that will throw you into a culture and make you feel good about yourself, is volunteering. Now there are a lot of organizations that make you pay to volunteer abroad, and often times it's a ridiculous fee. So my advice to you is that if you want to volunteer somewhere and you're already at your destination is to just ask around. There are many different organizations in foreign countries, especially developing countries, that would love to have you as a volunteer, and they will not even make you pay for it.

So now that we've looked at a couple of things that make actual travel so great and how you can really throw yourself into a culture let's look at how vacationing is different from traveling.

To demonstrate how vacationing and traveling are different I'm going to use an example of vacationing in Mexico and traveling in Mexico. First of if someone were to go on vacation in Mexico they would probably go to some tourist filled city like Cancun. Not that I'm bashing Cancun I'm just saying it's probably. So already this puts you in a poor position to learn about a culture because you're probably staying at a resort that was made just to tailor to your needs. If you were traveling however you would probably choose a less touristy location and you would probably stay at hostel some sort of budget accommodation. Just staying at a hostel can get you in touch with real locales that are not just there to scam you. Also at a resort they 'often times have American food to tailor to their American clients. This totally destroys the concept of experiencing a new culture through food. On the other hand if you're staying at non-tourist part of the country you could experience some real local foods maybe even go to a genuine Mexican restaurant. Also if you stay at a resort you're just going to experience resort life and when you leave you're not even going to have the slightest idea of ​​what locals live. On top of this you're not going to learn anything about a new culture and I have to say learning about new cultures is one of the main reasons I love travel so much. So all in vacationing and traveling do share some similarities but they are two completely different ways to experience a culture. In fact when you're on vacation you really do not get to experience what true culture is. So what would you rather do go on vacation or go traveling.

Finding The Best Mexico Vacation Deals

A vacation to Mexico includes a little of everything, like beaches, rich marine life, archaeological ruins, colonial architecture, delicious food and a rocking nightlife. This Latin American nation, which connects the United States to the rest of South America, is a popular tourist spot.

For travelers on a budget, Mexico is a dream destination. The country offers affordable lodging and food, and traveling around is relatively cheap. Neverheless, for tourists who plan well in advance, Mexico vacations can be cheaper still thanks to an array of exciting Mexico vacation deals.

Plan In Advance

If you have decided on traveling to Mexico on your next vacation, advance planning will help you grab the best Mexico vacation deals. Are you seeking really cheap Mexico vacation deals? Then the best time to head to Mexico is just after the rainy season. The weather is pleasant at this time, but hotel rates and airfare are cheaper. Since this is the low season, heavily discounted Mexico vacation package deals are easier to come by.

Tourists heading for a Mexico vacation during the peak tourist seasons between July and September and during the Christmas and Easter breaks have to deal with higher lodging and flight rates. The best way to combat the peak season hikes is by planning well in advance. Shop on the Internet or call your travel agent to get the best Mexico vacation deals. Remember, last-minute planning will only inflate your travel expenses. Moreover, there is the possibility of not getting suitable reservations if you keep your Mexico vacation planning until too late.

What About Last-minute Vacation Packages?

The problem with last-minute planning is that you might not get the hotel or the location that you were expecting to. However, if you are open-minded and flexible about your travel plans, big discounts are available on last-minute vacation deals as well.

Mexico is popular with the tourist class. What that also means is that there will be last-minute cancellations by other travelers. It is best to contact a travel agency to find out about available canceled deals. Travel agencies are generally looking to sell off these packages. Often enough, these last-minute deals are available at throwaway rates. For those travelers that are brave enough to leave everything until the last moment, last-minute vacation deals to Mexico are a fantastic and affordable option.

Finding The Best Mexico Vacation Deals To Fit Your Budget

While shopping for Mexico vacation packages, look for deals that will allow you to visit most of the major Mexican attractions. The ancient Mayan city of Tulum should be on your must-visit list, along with Mexico City, the volcano at Toluca and the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen or Acapulco.

Mexico is a largely cheap vacation destination, but places like Cancun tend to be a little more expensive. Tourists on a shoestring budget are advised to avoid expensive places like Cancun. However, if Cancun features heavily on your vacation itinerary, search for discounted packages to this happening city. All inclusive vacation deals to Cancun, Mexico are a good idea for travelers on a limited budget.

What Are The Different Types of Deals?

There are two basic types of vacation deals to Mexico. All inclusive vacation packages have been gaining in popularity in recent times, not just with families and large groups but with couples and solo travelers as well. All inclusive vacation packages are instrumental in helping tourists save money on accommodation, meals and travel activities. Such deals are easily available and often prove to be major bargains. Moreover, they make sticking to a budget that much easier. Since you already know your big travel expenses, it is easier to keep aside a little something for shopping, eating out, off-site tours and other extras.

Many tourists, however, prefer to go a la carte on their vacation. An a la carte vacation deal to Mexico ensures greater flexibility and is better suited to tourists who like exploring. Since meals are not included, travelers need not head back to the hotel for lunch, dinner or other activities. They have greater freedom to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this Latin American travelers' paradise.

Why Be an Instructor in Ski Vacation Destinations

Most ski vacation destinations offer a wide variety of job positions to fill their overall staff. Some may suit well as a member of a restaurant crew, with particular coveted jobs as pastry or sous chef. Others also wish to be in a security team as either ground ski patrollers or bird’s eye surveillance pilots riding helicopters. There are also individuals who prefer to be maintenance specialist, in charge of monitoring weather control systems and utilities at the onset of a terrible blizzard. But there is also a very good reason for choosing ski instructors. There are the advantages of being a ski instructor:

Professional decorum

Many ski athletes can aspire to be professional sports icons. One can always covet the life of a VIP with generous amounts of prestige and capital riding down with one’s personality and skill. The only problem with being a sports icon is that getting too famous and getting little attention are both bad for business. Popular icons can get into a lot of controversy and you can’t walk around public without receiving awkward attention from strangers.

As a ski instructor, however, nobody questions your skill and you are virtually identified with the same level of skill as superstar skiers. However famous you may get for being an awesome instructor to guests, it won’t be as uncomfortable as having your personal space invaded. You get respect from clients without suffering grave stigma if some aspects of your personality do not meet idealistic expectations.

Paid to make friends

Another great advantage of being a ski instructor is that your profession rides on how you deal with strangers. Being able to establish excellent rapport on short notice allows you to create an ideal learning atmosphere mostly conducive for developing a faster learning. Your awesome services may become an integral part of the best-selling ski vacation package featured in ads. Being a brilliant ski instructor is not only an advantage to the ski resort you’re working. Having many clients who believe in your skill ensures a solid self-esteem no financial rewards can compensate.

Diversity and making a difference

You can either be a ski instructor for customers, or for ground staff like the park rangers and patrol guards. As a customer service ski instructor, you can choose which specific group to cater. People with medical background can work as ski instructors for emergency health care recruits or hands-on physical therapists for recovering patients under enhancement rehabilitation. You may also be a ski instructor who can easily connect with children to a level conducive for attentive coaching. There is a diverse range of opportunity available for you in any ski resort industry. Ski vacation destinations value their instructors because they make a huge difference.

Vacation Time Again?

I had just finished my project, sent it to my publisher, took a deep breath and said out loud, “I’m glad that’s done. Now I can rest for a while.”

I must have said it aloud for someone in the house heard it. I need to explain that with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage, it does not matter if you say it aloud, mumble it under your breath or just think it, she hears it.

I do not know how she does it and she will not give me her secret.

“So,” my wife said rather suspiciously, “ready to go on our vacation?”

I stuttered a little bit and said, “A what?”

That “V” word rarely resides between my two ears. I just never think of it. I am not a vacation fan. Sure, when the kids were home it was nice to get away and have some fun with them. However, that has been a long time ago. I think someone my age is just too old to go on vacation. What would be the purpose?

I am a little afraid that if I go on vacation, I might forget that I am on vacation and never return home and no one would ever see me again. You know how the memory is for us old guys. So, to be on the safe side, I do not think of vacation time.

“You know exactly what I mean,” my wife said rather sternly with one of her sly smiles. “We should begin making plans for our vacation before you begin your next project.”

She caught me off guard there. Under other circumstances, I might have responded by telling her that it was too late, I’ve already started my next project. I remember trying that once and I may be the writer, but she’s the reader and she always reads between the lines.

Then she began laying out her well thought out plans for what our vacation would be like.

I interrupted her and said as soberly as possible, “That would be nice, but I do not have any money to sponsor a vacation right now.”

All she did was laugh, which rather irritated me. Then she explained, “Don’t give that a thought. I have been saving for this vacation since last year. I have it all worked out.”

Without my knowing it, she has been planning this vacation for quite a while. She even worked out the schedule with the daughters and grandchildren. She usually watches them while the daughters are at work. It took several months, but she worked out a schedule so that the week she had planned was cleared on everybody’s calendar.

She knew approximately when my project was due and started from there.

When it comes to developing my projects for my publisher, I can plan right down to the very day it is due. Outside of that, I am completely out of focus.

This is not true with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She can plan everything to the last detail. Doesn’t matter if it is our vacation, some project at the church, or spending time with the grandchildren. She is the Planning Queen of all time.

It’s not that I do not like vacations, because once I’m there I do. What I do not like is the planning and the preparation. It becomes so meticulous that I get bored.

I have been like this all my life. The first day of first grade in school, I did not want to go. When the bus came to pick me up, I refused to get on and even had a little fit with the bus driver.

My mother, of course, was not too happy with the situation and took it out on me. She grabbed me, threw me in the car and drove me to school. I was kicking and screaming all the way to school. When we got to school, she threw me out and drove away. At least that’s how I remember it.

When it came time to go home I refused to leaved school. I really didn’t know how wonderful first grade would be.

I suppose that’s the way I am. I do not want to do anything new, but when I do, I do not want to not do it. My wife understands this because she’s had to deal with me all these years. So, when she says, “Are you ready for our vacation?” I know she has it all planned to the last detail. Very wisely, she does not reveal these plans to me until we are ready to go off on vacation.

Once I get to that vacation destination, I have a good time, and I have her to thank for that. If left up to me, it would never get done.

To answer the question, “Are you ready for our vacation?” let me just say, I must be because my wife is always thorough in all her planning.

Driving to our vacation destination, I could not help but think of something David said, “My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me” (Psalm 31:15).

I must confess that I often want to try to plan my life. I need to learn what David learned, God has already planned my life and all I need to do is to yield to his direction.

Top Vacation Destinations in the World

There are numerous vacation destinations that can certainly be counted among the best in the world. But, there are no pre-established parameters or criteria as such to determine the world's foremost tourist destination in terms of popularity.

However, some of the world's most frequented vacation spots, which are ranked among the top holiday destinations, are described as follows.

• Hawaii: Located in Pacific Ocean, on the south-east coast of the US, Hawaii enterprises of 6 major islands, namely Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Big Island, Molokai, and Kauai. Each of these six islands is known for their scenic beauty, tourist attractions, remarkable location, beaches, and world class recreational activities. Hawaii is an ideal destination for hikers and beach lovers of all ages.
• Goa: Situated on the western coast of the Indian sub-continent, this place is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, temples, Portugal architecture, churches, regional festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and the Shigmo Carnival, and delicious sea food.
• Switzerland: With tourism being its primary business activity, Switzerland has retained its position among the top three holiday destinations for several years. Its scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and panoramic mountain peaks attracts millions of tourists to this place every year.
• San Francisco: San Francisco, the most popular tourist spot in the US, is well known for its remarkable architecture and tourist spots, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, and the Exploratorium.
• Cape Town: This place is known for offering breathtaking views of the vast Atlantic coast, the Constantia Valley, and the scenic 'False Bay' coast. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists, who come here to enjoy its panoramic landscape and world class recreational activities.
• Sydney: Located in Australia, Sydney is the most popular tourist destination in the continent. It is popular with tourists due to its world famous tourist spots, like the Sydney Harbor and the Harbor Bridge, beautiful beaches, world-class recreational activities, wild life, national parks, and luxury cruise rides.

Best Vacation Destination in South America

Looking for an exciting new vacation destination? Look no further than Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis is a charming island located two hours south of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis is blessed with 42 beautiful beaches, one more eye pleasing than the next, and with styles and atmospheres to fit every taste imaginable. In addition, the island is blessed with soft white sand dunes, rolling green hills and crystalline lagoons. Truly a nature lover's paradise, one can continuously find new treasures on the island.

Out of island's many beaches, there are over 20 high quality surf breaks, providing almost unlimited choices and variety for visiting surfers, and as such is known as the surf capital of Brazil. The WCT Pro Tour (the highest level surf competition in the world) has only 12 stops around the globe, and the only one in all of South America is in Florianopolis. So if the waves are good enough for Slater, Irons & co., Then that is already a pretty good sign!

In addition to the island's stunning natural beauty, visitors will also be astounded by the amazing dining and nightlife options on the island, some of South America's best, as well as the broad array of outdoor activities available for sporting enthusiasts and fine shopping for the shop -a-holics. Completely safe (unlike Brazil's largest urban mega-centers such as Sao Paulo and Rio), Florianopolis has retained the feel of a sleepy beach town despite being a state capital and having grown quite a bit in its own right after landing on the international radar screen just a few short years ago.

The "magic island" as many refer to it has an uncanny effect of enchanting visitors from around the globe, many of what leave with dreams of coming back – not just to visit, but to live!

Recently named by Newsweek international as one of the world's "top 10 most dynamic cities", Florianopolis truly has something to offer for anyone. So if you're looking for travel ideas, mark this one on the top of the list!

As far as the best ways to see Florianopolis if you're coming from the United States or Europe, consider these two options:

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