The Washington College football team simply lacks effective defense

The Washington Huskies, who upset Oregon State's 24th overall 35-34 in double overtime two weeks ago, fell from the top of the mountain against Arizona's 15th rankings.

The Wildcats started quickly and just drilled the Huskies 44-14 in a no-contest game at Tuscon, collected a 30-14 halftime score, then added 14 more points in the second half, holding Washington's best scoreless score.

Some football fans and fans thought the Husky had a chance to win this victory since the Wildcats lost starting quarterback Nick Foles, whom many consider to be a top NFL prospect.

Foles, a 6-foot-2, 245-pound junior, completed 75% of his passes for 1,600 yards, 9 hits and 5 runs before coming down with a knee injury. His replacement, junior Matt Scott, started his first three games for Arizona last year before losing his job at Foles.

So what was the big difference between Foles and Scott against the Washington Huskies? I'm glad you asked. The answer – absolutely nothing.

The Wildcats finished fifth with a foul on 43 points. They won 44-14. They averaged 429 yards total offense and gained 467 against Washington. Scott rushed for 233 yards and 2 touchdowns with 18 for 22 passing (81%).

Scott, Huskey-like jumper Jake Locker picked up another 65 yards rushing on 7 carries (9.29 yards per carry), and Scott facilitated his appearance thanks to Husky gamblers.

Scott marched the Wildcats up and down the field as if they were practicing it against another team’s defense. The problem for Washington was just that – the Huskies are defending the second course to a moment of real shame.

Washington is ranked 97th in national defense in scoring, giving up 31+ points per game, a number that will now increase as Arizona dropped 44. The Huskeys are 98th in total defense, giving up 416 games + meters, which is a figure that will increase again as Arizona gave up 467 yards.

So, what exactly is the problem? How about everything. Cracked tasks, untimely penalties, lack of speed, lack of size, lack of talent and missed moves to name just a few. The Huskies, like so many players with inflated opinions about their ability, tend to throw themselves at opponents like scaredy cats, rather than actually address them the old-fashioned way.

Washington Husky's defense could learn a thing or two from one of the NFL's best free safeties – Larry Wilson.

Wilson was the seventh-round draft pick played by St. Louis Cardinals as a cornerback after being a two-time starter at the University of Utah. Becoming a free agent, he was an eight-time Pro-Bowl and 8-time All-Pro Selection player who was also selected to the NFL team for a decade and for the 1960s and 1970s.

He was the first NFL player to make a safety flush and was tougher than a rail spike – once intercepting a pass with throws on both hands due to broken wrists. He also had interceptions in 7 consecutive games and finished his career with 52 interceptions for 800 return yards and 5 touchdowns.

Someone once asked Larry Wilson how he could be such a great outdoors hunter? Wilson responded by saying, "Hell, I just grab them well by one leg and lift them up; they won't carry me very far while jumping on one leg."

Wilson is certainly the only NFL player who could stop the great Jimmy Brown at full speed, heading into the open field.

So what does Larry Wilson have to do with the Washington Husky defenders? Well, nothing, really. But if you want to be a great defender and striker, try channeling Larry Wilson. You could do a lot worse, and you did, so think about the reality, not throwing the player away and hoping he drops.

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Places to Elope in Washington State: 6 Fun Ideas for Your Simple and Small Wedding Ceremony

Every year, many couples choose to hold a bridal wedding ceremony and celebration and instead move to Washington state. Washington State and the Northwest Pacific offers some of the most fantastic locations and places to sleep for couples and with scenic mountains, water, countryside and more, this state offers many wedding options.

As you consider the "where" to escape in Washington State, here they are 6 fun location ideas for your easy and small wedding ceremony:

1) Leavenworth, Washington – A two-hour drive from Seattle, Leavenworth is a sweet little German town that welcomes weddings of all sizes on a big day. Here you can find fabulous inns, bed and breakfasts that offer affordable elopement packages, especially during the off-season. While in Leavenworth, you can get married, enjoy a great night or two in a special place, and perhaps celebrate your wedding with the bliss of taking advantage of the many outdoor water adventures – cross-country skiing, white water rafting or hiking.

2) Ruby Beach and the Washington state coast – The Washington coast is a big place and little known Ruby is a beautiful and enchanting place to exchange wedding vows. Ruby Beach is located south of Forks, Washington. Once you reach Ruby Beach, you and your clerk and witnesses take a short stroll to the ocean and shore wedding. Contact the tide schedule to ensure the best time for your ceremony, and also take a peek at the map and timetable for Washington State ferries as you plan your trip to the Washington coast. For example, if you travel to Ruby Beach from Seattle, it will take you 4-6 hours to get there, depending on the route you are traveling.

3) Ashford, Washington (Mount Rainier) – If you and your sweetie are outdoor enthusiasts, consider getting a wedding near or near Rainier Mountain. It reaches the Ashford area and the mountains. Rainier is best in the spring and summer season, and the surrounding area offers luxurious and rustic accommodations for your wedding night.

4) Tulalip Resort & Casino – Invite All Casino Lovers! Believe it or not, the popular Tulalip Casino & Resort hosts many small and intimate wedding ceremonies every year. Located one hour north of Seattle, this plush resort offers not a fantastic casino, but a wonderful resort where you can walk in and enjoy your new marital status!

5) San Juan Islands (by ferry or island) – There is nothing more fun than getting married in Washington State and / or taking a ferry and getting married on Puget Sound. Orcas Island and San Juan Island are two of Washington's most popular "married islands" and offer a wide variety of locations and locations. Contact the Chamber of Commerce on both islands for location information.

6) Port Townsend, Washington – This coastal city is a favorite of couples in Washington state who want to escape but don't want to travel too far. Port Townsend offers water locations as well as city parks for your wedding ceremony. And if you want to get married in a historic castle, check out Port Townsend Manresa Castle!

Elopes in Kitsap County, Washington: 5 Easy Steps to Get West Sound Quick and Easy

Coming to Kitsap County, Washington? Whether you want to escape to an imaginary inn, water bed and breakfast or get married on the beach or on a boat in Kitsap County, here are 5 steps to get married quickly and easily.

1) Choose venue / location for the wedding: Kitsap County is located in the western area of ​​Puget Sound and offers many wonderful venues / locations for your elopement. Whether you live or travel to this area because of your elopement, the first thing you need to do is determine the best date, time and location for your big day. Get a sneak peek at the Kitsap County and Congressional Visitors Bureau website for site / location ideas and suggestions.

Given your date and time, know that April – September are popular months & # 39; reservations for Kitsap County weddings and dates are fast. If you choose an off-season date in the fall and winter, you will probably be able to negotiate the best value for your money.

2) Submit your marriage license to Port Orchard (Kitsap County, WA) – If you live in the area, it is best to apply for a marriage license at the County Marriage License office in Port Orchard, WA, Division Street. You can apply for the license in person or by email. The license fee is $ 64 and is good for 60 days from the date of issue.

Note! There is a three-day waiting period from the time your marriage license is issued, so please plan this if your elopement is a last-minute thing. Also, if you get a wedding permit from any other county in the state of Washington, it's fine in Kitsap County.

3 sure witnesses: Yes, you will need two people over the age of 18 to witness the ceremony and sign your legal documentation. If you do not have two witnesses, ask your clerk or minister for help.

4) You will need a clerk or minister for Elopes! If you go online and search on terms like "Kitsap County Mayor" or "Kitsap County Wedding Minister," you will find a certain number of officers and ministers who can contact you. To secure your clerk / minister, make some phone calls and see who is available, what fees are charged, and finally choose the guy or person who resonates with you.

5) Don’t forget the wedding bouquet, wedding rings, camera, umbrella and maybe a meal reservation to celebrate. For your ceremony, you can order a wedding bouquet and other flowers from a local florist or grocery store. Remember to pack your wedding rings, camera, umbrella and marriage license. Lastly, book a "celebratory meal" at a wonderful restaurant in Kitsap County to celebrate your elopement! The best place for restaurant options is again a congressional visit to Kitsap County and a visitor website.

I wish you a happy elopent!

Business loan for Washington companies

Washington-based companies enjoy the privilege of qualifying for various credit and related programs depending on their specific location and the activity being undertaken. The key difference here is the importance of creating job opportunities in rural America, and therefore its connection to credit schemes.

The credit schemes on offer are divided into several broad categories. Each category refers to the upper and lower credit limits available for the section eligible section. The eligibility criterion is also listed along with the category mentioned.

Available options:
Therefore, if you need to look out for the perfect credit option for your Washington business, just go through the various categories listed below and apply by choosing the right ones, according to your business needs and nature.

1. High-tech business and profession credit

This category includes lenders involved in high-tech research firms or projects. Up to $ 2 million can be applied for an annual loan scheme. Products used for such research fall under the credit review.

2. Business tax credit and interest in new jobs

Credit is given in this segment based on new jobs created by manufacturing, research and development companies or computer services companies. In addition, opportunities must be created in rural counties and community empowerment zones. The maximum extension credit is $ 2000 or $ 4,000 (if salaries are> $ 40,000).

3. Warehouse tax incentive

The eligible segment for this set includes wholesalers, retail distribution centers, third-party warehouse warehouses (> 200,000 square feet) and / or a grain elevator (greater than 1 million warehouse facilities). The structure of the emission units implies special remittances for construction and sales taxes paid on qualified equipment.

4. Custom Software Asset Tax Exemption

Software companies are eligible for this section.

5. Tax credit for international services and business

Companies engaged in international services can apply for a loan of up to $ 3000 per year for each new job. Again, in order to qualify, they must leave in the empowerment zones or certain neighboring groups. The loan is applicable for a maximum of 5 years.

6. Business tax credit and interest in new jobs in software programming or manufacturing
Another department is labeled software manufacturing companies. The same can apply to a loan of up to $ 1,000 per year for each new job.

7. Information Technology Assistance Services Business and Occupation Tax Credit

Applicable to third party service in rural counties. A 100% tax credit is applied to the income received.

8. USDA Rural Development Grants

Focus on small and new businesses in rural communities to develop backward areas.
9. Coastal special loans known as coastal navigation loans.

10. tax-exempt programs for bond financing, exempt bonds for services, etc.

In addition, loans such as CDBG floating loans are available to Washington companies through cities and counties. To obtain such loans, firms must meet certain prerequisites such as job creation promises, collateral required (unconditional, irrevocable letter of credit), in accordance with local laws, etc. The interest rate is negotiated based on job creation and other factors.

Places in Elope – Our State Capitol Washington, DC

Moving to Washington, DC will give you beautiful scenery either in the middle of fall with its beautiful, changeable colors or in the spring while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. If you ever hoped to escape to our Capitol of Nations, then Washington DC is the place for you! They are full of historic inns and museums, and choosing an emigration location in our capital can seem like an overwhelming task. Please note: By law, three days must run from the date of application for the marriage license to the day the license can be issued.

Museums in Washington, DC: Museums are a popular choice for weddings, and Washington DC is packed with museums ready to rent their facilities to disappear. First is the National Museum of Women in the Arts. This missing place is the only museum on the planet with contributions exclusively by female artists. It provides several perfect venues such as the Great Hall and the Mezzanine.

Another historic site that will live on in our Capitol of Peoples would be the Dumbarton House, a stunning example of federal architecture and built in 1800. Their mission is to "preserve the historic structure and its collections and educate the public about life in Washington, DC. in the early years of the Republic. "There are outdoor terraces, as well as the famous Belle Vue Room with 13-foot wooden floors and white ceilings.

Finally, there is the Decatur House located in Lafayette Square, just across the street from the White House. It provides a small glimpse of nearly 200 years of history. A popular choice for mitigation here would be a wagon house that has two-foot vaulted ceilings and an entire window wall. The Decatur House courtyard also features 19th-century gardens and a fountain for a truly intimate experience. Truly one of the best places to spend in our capital!

Hotel weddings: Four Seasons Hotel in DC is a luxury hotel known for its French marble bathrooms. They offer a range of wedding packages including "Saturday Wedding", "Winter Wedding" and "Love is Love" wedding packages. The Mansion O Hotel is considered to be the place to be featured in many bridal magazines. Built in the late 19th century, it hosted events for writers, musicians, foreign dignitaries, and even heads of state. Mansion on O will be happy to help you plan your elopement for two including a custom wedding cake.

The Hay-Adams House is another wonderful location to escape to Washington, DC. It is named after a private assistant, John Hay, who lived within its walls, and after Henry James, who was a descendant of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams. It is popular for its views of the White House across Lafayette Square, as well as the Church of St. John. She will also be happy to plan any couples with you, including massages, sunset cruises across the Potomac, and a tour of our Capitol of Nations.

Gardens of DC: Although many cities boast their botanical gardens for wedding venues, Washington, DC has an American National Arboretum. This location, unlike any other, contains a stunning Dogwood collection that provides a wonderful backdrop for your elopement and a garden wedding is always extraordinary. Even if you do not exchange vows here, it can be rented and used as a site for photos of your special day.

Whether it's history, luxury, beauty, or a combination of all three, growing up in Washington, you're sure to like your spouse as well. The wide range of places makes our capital in the world a wonderful place to look, and any time of the season provides a beautiful backdrop.

Right to cut hanging branches from a neighboring yard in Washington state

John faced the well-known problem of many Washington residents, aptly named Evergreen State. And he, like many homeowners, strongly dislikes his neighbor's big giant tree. Branches emerge and surround John's yard in the darkness. Sap and sharp twigs lie on both sides of the boundary line. He asked his neighbor to cut off his overhanging limbs, but the neighbor said harshly "no." Now John wants to know if he can take matters into his own hands and prune the incoming branches regardless of the neighbor's refusal.

Although conventional wisdom and persuasive authorities say it can; few, if any, primary legal authorities in Washington address this topic directly. The most important preliminary legal authority in Washington is Gostina v. Ryland, a ninety-year-old opinion that provides conflicting answers in its dictum. At one point, the Guest Court stated that the plaintiffs "certainly" had the right to cut "the branches that covered their premises on the railroad." However, elsewhere in the decision, the Court approvingly cited the English case, which warned of pruning self-help trees. The cited part of the English case reads: "persons should not take the law into their own hands but follow Lord Hale's advice and apply to the court of justice."

Secondary jurisdictions indicate that courts in most of the United States favor trimming the self-help branches involved. "A common concern for the judiciary was that neighbors needed to resolve their disputes among themselves and that allowing legally imposed medication would result in clogging of the courts." So it seems that pruning branches in US law is legal unless pruning kills a tree. Recently, the Washington Court of Appeals Maier v. Giske, Division I, Washington, reiterated an undisputed set of legal conclusions that were consistent with law from other U.S. jurisdictions. In Maier, prosecutors "had the right to cut the branches that covered their property," but pruning became deforestation when it effectively killed the tree.

The weight of these persuasive authorities suggests that self-help pruning is limb-cutting in Washington. But there is also a good reason to hesitate before trimming. Washington law is uncertain, and over-trimming could lead to lumber suits and attorneys; fees. This means that pruning a mature ornamental tree could result in a judgment in excess of $ 10,000.

The magnitude of the potential negative judgment should make Washington real estate attorneys think at least twice before recommending ladders and scissors to clients. Good neighborly fashion diplomacy may still be more financially viable despite the initial setbacks. And, in the long run, preserving neighborhood relations is invaluable.

Dupont Circle – in the heart of Washington, DC

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., DuPont Circle is one of those originally designed by DC founder Pierre Charles L & # 39; Enfant. Located at the intersections of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire Avenues, DuPont Circle is one of the most respected and culturally diverse neighborhoods in the county and is home to museums, galleries, embassies and traditional family residences.

Despite its significant debut, the circle remained undeveloped until after the Civil War. In the 1870s and 20th centuries, the neighborhood was transformed as the oldest residents of Washington competed to build houses in Queen Anne and the grand brick styles that have now become famous. The traffic circle that distinguishes the neighborhood today was originally built in 1871 as the "Pacific Circle." In 1884, the city renamed the circle to the famous Civil War admiral Samuel DuPont, erecting a bronze statue in the center of the circle in the newly constructed park. When the DuPont family moved in a few years later, they took the statue with them. The elegant double-layer white marble fountain, created by the co-designers of Lincoln Memorial, was eventually replaced by the statue in 1921. The fountain's design features three classic assets that symbolize the sea, stars and wind. The Circle Park became known in the 1970s and 80s as a meeting space for gays. It is still a symbolic place to launch many gay and lesbian pride functions in the DC area. Nearby, the gay bookstore "Lambda Rising" is one of the world's most famous gay landmarks.

The neighborhood lost residents due to social change after two world wars and how the tram system ended in the 1960s. Originally, the StreetC Capitol Transit system connected DuPont Circle to the rest of the city. The tram system depended on an underground, elaborate station located near the current metro station on the city's Red Line. When the switching system shut down, the entrances to the station were sealed. Riots in the 60's contributed to the further deterioration of the neighborhood. Many old castles were demolished and replaced with higher density homes. Several villas survived as Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue, while others found new life as museums. The former underground tunnel was out of luck. Numerous attempts to reopen and revitalize the former DuPont Underground underground tunnel in 1995, for example, have failed, and the area remains vacant today.

In the 1970s, urban pioneers in search of tolerance for an alternative lifestyle rediscovered the charms of the neighborhood. Bohemian bookstores, cafes and political gatherings dominated the area as DuPont Circle took its place in gay history. Today, DuPont Circle continues its historic tradition as home to an eclectic and diverse population as well as a popular venue for restaurants, clubs and theaters.

Get married in Tacoma, Washington – 5 easy and fun steps for a small and intimate wedding ceremony

If you want to get married in Tacoma, Washington, here are 5 easy and fun steps to help you plan and coordinate a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

A small and intimate wedding ceremony in Tacoma, Washington ~ 5 easy steps

1] Your Tacoma, venue and date : One of the first things to consider while planning your small and intimate wedding ceremony in Tacoma is "logistics." After choosing a date and time, you have to decide where you want to be married. During the summer months in Tacoma, many couples get married along the Ruston Way waterfront or at the very popular Point Defiance Park. If you want to get married indoors, consider a hotel or bed and breakfast in Tacoma for your ceremony. The Tacoma Congress and Visitors Bureau offers lots of free information to help you plan the best venue and date for your ceremony.

2] marriage license: Yes, you must be legal! To secure your marriage license, contact the Pierce County Clerk's Office on South 35th Street in Tacoma. You can apply in person or apply by mail. There is a period of 3 days to use the license from the date of application, and the license is good for 60 days. You will also need two witnesses over the age of 18.

3] Find an official or minister for the wedding : In the Tacoma area, you have a lot of choices as a wedding official or minister. If you are married in a religious institution, the person who marries you often comes with that institution. If you are running away from religious walls, then you have a lot of flexibility in choosing the person to join you because of your elopement.

How to find someone? Search the Internet under "Tacoma Wedding Oficant" or maybe "Wedding Tacoma Wedding" and make a short list of candidates. Have a small conversation on the phone and choose the person whose personality and approach to the wedding ceremony resonates with you. The fees vary greatly depending on the individual officer or minister.

4] Ceremony time! It's your wedding day. You've been given a place / place, a person to marry, your two witnesses and a marriage license – Have fun! And don’t forget to celebrate great after being married!

5] Submit your legal documentation in Washington State: After the wedding ceremony is over, you will need to ensure that the legal documentation is returned to Pierce County, WA and recorded. From there, it is wise to seek a certified copy of the marriage license for your file and / or for any legal name considerations. When you apply for a marriage license, you will get detailed information on this and more.

How to Compare Low Cost Health Insurance in Washington

People interested in cheap health insurance in Washington state need one thing before deciding which plan is best for them. They need to know what their options are and what each option provides in a way that covers them and their families.

In Washington, there are several options available to people who do not have a lot of money for health insurance. For those in the lowest income bracket, they may qualify for basic health care provided by the state. If you do not, you will need to do some research on what the health insurance plan is for you.

The best way to compare different affordable health insurance plans is to collect a few quotes. This can be a frustrating experience because insurance agents typically pay a commission, meaning they will fight tooth and nail for work. The best approach is to have a list of benefits that you absolutely must have. Call a few different health insurance companies and look for a price based on those benefits only.

Not only do you have to keep in mind how much coverage you need, but also be aware of every fine print. Most policies have an annual cap on prescription drug costs, dental benefits, and vision coverage. Keep an eye on what each company has to offer in this area before making a final decision.

Many low cost plans require the individual to pay a supplement for each doctor visit. Make sure you afford it before you commit to the plan. Also inquire about discounts that may be available if you pay premiums upfront as opposed to monthly installments. If this is an option, such an approach can offer you a little more savings.

Exhaustion – The Benefits of Deleting Your Washington Criminal Record

In Washington State, a criminal conviction may be waived if you meet the criteria.

The explosion of criminal records is often misunderstood, because there is a lot of misinformation about the causes of the causes and the benefits of expulsion. In Washington State, deleting a criminal complaint is called a conviction. Expungement is a common layman familiar with, while Vacating is a legal name.

People sometimes forget about the old criminal conviction, especially for lesser charges, until they go for a promotion or try to buy a weapon. And that old criminal record pops up. An ejected criminal record provides benefits other than clearing your records. The following are the five most common benefits of rejuvenation in Washington State.

1. Employment
After deleting your criminal conviction, Washington state law allows you to declare that you have not been convicted of employment. A conviction is removed from the official record of state criminal history, and a criminal history check shows you do not have a criminal conviction. Dropping lowers your conviction, making it easier to apply for a new job or promotion in your existing business.

2. Erase the awkward past
Many people with a criminal record in their records, especially for lesser charges, have been convicted as a result of poor judgment many years in the past. They are no longer the same person, but they are disadvantaged as they are because the record still follows them. Cleaning up criminal records helps wipe the slate clean.

3. Renting an apartment or qualifying for a home loan
Exhaustion does not directly affect these, but it can help. If your criminal record is deleted, it will be easier to pass a past check. With more frequent checks, especially for renting an apartment, the sentencing of a criminal conviction makes one less obstacle and less stress.

4. Own a firearm
In Washington State, one of the criteria for restoring your right to possess a firearm (for some offenses) is whether the conviction that caused the suspension of the right to fire was revoked. A conviction exemption allows you to regain your gun rights and buy or own a weapon. This can be a great benefit for hunters.

5. Obtaining a professional or other employment license.
Washington state law allows you to declare that you have not been convicted of employment. However, you may be required to disclose a criminal conviction, even if revoked, for certain types of licensing requirements. An ejected criminal record closes the book on it and shows that you have fulfilled all the requirements. Cleaning up your criminal record also shows that you have used your responsibility to take all the legal steps regarding your conviction.

A criminal conviction can be pronounced in a few short weeks in Washington State. Expungement offers a variety of benefits, including cleaning up your criminal record and eliminating the adverse past. If you have a criminal conviction, you should take advantage of the legal rights at your disposal.