Five interesting little known facts about Wenatchee, Washington

Wenatchee, Washington is a fun city to visit with plenty to do. Some of the fun things that can be found there can be found within city limits, while others are in the surrounding area. Here are five five little known facts about the city of Wenatchee.

# 1 The Rock Island Dam was completed in 1936, south of Wenatchee. Fourteen dams cross the Columbia River at various points between British Columbia and where it flows into the Pacific Ocean. Of all these important hydropower plants, the Rock Island Dam was the first to ever do so.

# 2 Bud Sagendorf, writer and artist responsible for the creation of the Popeye comic book since 1945, was born in Wenatchee in 1915.

# 3 Located just south of Wenatchee is the very popular Mission Ridge Ski Resort. The upper slopes of the mountain still see the wreckage seen since the fall of the 1944 heavy bomber B-24 Liberator. The wings of the bomb were removed from the slope of the hill and now it sits in the cottage below.

# 4 The Wenatchee Valley College began in 1939 as a private college operating on the third floor of the first Wenatchee High School building. Two years later, he moved to his current position and then joined the public education system at Washington State.

# 5 Although Wenatchee has a population in the range of 30,000, the local Apple Blossom Festival, which is organized annually, seriously increases the population by attracting about 100,000 people to the city during the two-week long celebration.

Why Mount Washington homes hold value

Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, California homeowners are known to retain property values ​​over time, for very good reason. Mount Washington residents actually care about their neighborhood and home values ​​by volunteering with the local Mount Washington Homeowners Association. And it shows.

The reason why it is a wise investment to buy property in the neighborhood is that the residents take good care of them, planning for the future and managing neighborhood issues through the Mount Washington Association of Homeowners Union (MWHA) community building resources. The Alliance is a volunteer organization run by volunteers with the goal of keeping the neighborhood attractive and attractive to current and future residents. Of course, this has a residual impact on maintaining the value of the property better than it would otherwise be.

The association maintains a great source of websites for residents and prospective residents alike, along with the rich history of the Los Angeles neighborhood. Interviews with senior residents who remember the early days of the mountain are included. History of Washington.

Mount Washington is considered the "exclusive" neighborhood of northeast Los Angeles, but it's still within easy reach of average working families, with house prices ranging from the mid-500,000s to below $ 1 million. The quiet bedroom community is located minutes from Silverlake and is an easy way to get into the entertainment industry jobs in Glendale, Pasadena and Burbank.

For those interested in buying a home in the neighborhood, keep in mind the laws of supply and demand. This is the highly sought after neighborhood of LA for life, but often less than 15 Mt. Washington homes for sale at any time. Therefore, potential home buyers need to diligently monitor the affordable property market as they become available.

Trip to Washington, DC

Washington is one of the oldest civilized cities in the country and can see some of the important and vintage buildings. The city is named after the first president of the United States of America called George Washington.

People can visit the city on a regular basis, checking Washington flight deals, because some of the jobs are really appealing. It's easy to book cheap US airline tickets with the help of an app or website to enjoy a great vacation in the United States capital.

Some of the most important and must visit places in Washington

1. The Capitol Building

The capital building is recognized as a symbol of the United States of America, as most politicians such as state representatives, senators and mayors sit in the building to attend meetings. The dome is called the Dome of St. Peter and stands as a symbol of all other buildings. The building was developed over a period of time and each president takes an oath before beginning his term as president of the United States.

2. The White House

The White House is the official house or residence of the president where each president resides during his or her term. The White House was used by every president except the first president known as George Washington because the building was not built during his tenure. Originally built in 1792 by James Hoban, British forces burned it down in 1814. It took 4 long years to rebuild the house because the whole country was in debt due to civil wars.

3. Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the popular sites to see, as the memorial is huge and dedicated to the late Ibrahim Lincoln. Ibrahim Lincoln was one of the most popular presidents of the United States of America, and is popular for the abolition of slavery in the country and was able to bring all the states of the country to an end during the Civil War. The country was called America, and it turned out to be the United States after the end of the Civil War, with the major loan amount going to Ibrahim Lincoln, the then president.

4. Washington Monument

The Washington monument in the pictures looks very simple, as we will not be able to estimate the height of the monument. When we see the monument in reality, we experience a giant memorial in the middle of the park. Construction of the Washington Monument began in 1783 and completed in 1885.

Am I entitled to a diversion to Superior Court DC, Washington, DC

What is a diversion in Columbia County?

First and foremost, you should always explore the possibilities of diversion, even if you believe you are the most innocent person on the planet. You can control the outcome of the case. You are taking control of the government and if you complete the necessary procedure, your case will usually be dismissed.

Therefore, if you run into a criminal defense attorney who says he never considers diversion for his client – Don't hire him.

There are 2 prosecuting bodies in the District of Columbia. The United States Attorney for the District of Columbia prosecutes most misdemeanors and crimes. The attorney general's office processes most traffic and misdemeanor cases.

A diversion in the District of Columbia means that the U.S. Attorney or Attorney General will not prosecute the case if you agree to comply with certain conditions. The case shifts from prosecution to 4 to 6 months when you defendant agree to perform various conditions such as utilities, medication or mental health. Some diversion options require you to plead guilty, and once certain conditions are met, the prosecutor will allow you to withdraw your guilt after completing the agreed task.

Diversion options are constantly changing in the District of Columbia. You should look for an experienced lawyer who knows the initial and premise of the DC Supreme Court. It may not be in your best interest to hire a “big time lawyer” who does not practice regularly in the High Court, as diversion opportunities change regularly and the notice is not publicly broadcast to the Bar. In addition, prosecutors regularly change diversion opportunities based on community needs.

In general, for a defendant to have the right to be diverted, he or she may not be convicted or served on probation or probation for a criminal offense of weapons, sexual offenses (other than prostitution) or violent offenses in the last ten years. Please note that U.S. Attorneys and Attorney General have full discretion and may prohibit an individual from diversion regardless of qualification for other reasons.

And finally, a diversion can have immigration consequences, so you need to seek a qualified criminal lawyer who knows immigration policies, or at least consult with an immigration lawyer if you have any questions.

As always, consult a lawyer to assist you during this process.

In Review: For Freedom and Glory: Washington, Lafayette, and Their Revolutions

Over the past year or two, I have renewed my interest in history and some of the biggest events of the past several hundred years.

Because of my two extended visits to America, I was particularly interested in the early history of the United States, I have read numerous books that record the birth and development of that nation, and I have many more that I hope to read as time permits.

For Freedom and Glory: Washington, Lafayette, and Their Revolutions James R. Gaines talks about two of the most important revolutionary periods in American and French history, and two major players in both of these revolutions.

Over 500 pages, Gaines traces the parallel paths of George Washington, the first president of the newly formed United States, and the Marquis de Lafayette, a man who may have been the first president of the French Republic but who declined the position.

Although I was familiar with some American place names bearing the names Lafayette and Fayetteville, and have repeatedly walked Lafayette Street in Manhattan, I must admit that I am completely unknown to the Marquis de Lafayette and the role he played in both the American and French revolutions.

I do not know if every American city or city bearing the names Fayette, Fayetteville and Lafayette owe their name to the Marquis de Lafayette, but it is quite possible. Certainly, the countless streets, avenues, French and American naval vessels, educational establishments, American counties, metro stations, parks and city squares and other landmarks owe him their names.

Lafayette, whose full name was jaw-breaking, Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette (and who, for brevity's sake, will hereafter be mostly called Lafayette), was a French aristocrat and an army officer in command. who sailed to the New World in just 19 years to join the American Revolutionary War against France's age-old enemy, Britain. In the process, he became one of George Washington's closest aides and confidants and one of the most famous and distinguished generals of the American Revolution.

Lafayette, himself wounded in the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania, shortly after arriving in America, and played a major role in several other important battles. He was also in charge of French troops during the last battle of the war, which suffered the defeat and surrender of Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.

Having read almost nothing about the French or American Revolution, I did not realize – until I read "Freedom and Glory" how much the American nation was tasked with supporting the French. Successive French kings helped bankrupt the American Revolution, and hundreds of French officers and thousands of soldiers and sailors participated in some of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War.

Ironically, French participation in the American Revolutionary War helped sow the seeds for the French Revolution, which overthrew King Louis XVI (16th), in October 1789. The Royal Treasury borrowed millions of livres (then-French currency), and as a result was heavily indebted . The only thing the court in Versailles had to repay the huge debt for was collecting taxes and prices for basic food items like bread, which only helped to encourage a call to overthrow the king.

Hundreds of French officers and thousands of French troops and sailors returning from America compounded the problems of the royal court, and most were imbued with the idea and support of the French Republic. And no one was more concerned with the matter than the Marquis de Lafayette.

James R. Gaines is a wonderful storyteller and skillfully knits major players on these two groundbreaking stages. No stones appear to have been left unturned, no letters read and no intrigue investigated. The highs and lows of both revolutions are examined in great detail, and again I learned a lot about the French revolution, which was unknown to me until then.

I knew of the fall of the Bastille, a cart loaded with a crowd filled with unlucky Frenchmen and women on their way to the guillotine, and the eventual death by the guillotine of Louis XVI. And Marie Antoinette. But I did not realize how widespread and terrifying the bloodshed had become as various forces struggled to control France. I also knew about the reign of terror (1793-1794) that Robespierre had uncovered, which according to archival records shows that over 16,500 people had died through the guillotine, though some historians note that perhaps 40,000 accused prisoners may have been executed briefly. without trial or died awaiting trial.

Eventually Robespierre himself switched to guillotine in 1794, but that did not end the slaughter in France until the French Revolution finally ended five years later in 1795.

There are so many recommendations for freedom and glory: Washington, Lafayette, and their James R. Gaines revolutions. I'm really looking for a good book or two, especially about the French Revolution, because I'm sure there is a lot more to learn about French history in that period.

***** Recommended

Washington State Elopes – 6 fantastic locations for a fun and memorable elopement ceremony

Once you meet yourself, your marriage license, two witnesses and your clerk / minister, you will want a fun and fabulous place for your elopecia ceremony. There are many options in the state of Washington: from the big city, to the coast, to the mountains and maybe to the island!

So put on your seat and let a little virtual tour of the six great locations that might be the best place for your Washington State elopement ceremony!

6 fantastic places in Elope, Washington

1) Bainbridge Island ~ From downtown Seattle, you can take a ferry from Washington State and arrive 35 minutes later on Bainbridge Island. This sweet island is a community of dormitories from Seattle and is home to 25,000 people, a bustling little downtown area, magnificent water views and a selection of sweet beds and breakfast.

You could either get married (i.e. elopes!) On the deck of the Washington State Ferry, or you could find a clerk or minister to get married after being on Bainbridge Island. After the elopement ceremony on Bainbridge Island, celebrate with a lovely meal at one of several downtown restaurant celebrations downtowning the "strip" of this beautiful island.

Tip : To be married on Washington Ferry, you will need to contact the Washington State Ferry System for approval and permission.

2) Ashford , WA ~ Mt. Rainier State Park ~ Head to the mountains of Washington State and get married near the entrance to the mountain. Rainier or in the park. The best time of year is to fly to Ashford and Mt. Rainier, of course, is during the summer months. Early fall is also a wonderful time as there is often light snow on earth that just adds to every wedding setting!

3) Ruby Beach / Washington coast ~ From Seattle or Tacoma, drive east to the coast of Washington State and stop at Ruby Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Washington coast and every year hosts numerous elopes and festive wedding ceremonies.

4) Hamilton Lookout Park, Seattle ~ In West Seattle, there is a small neighborhood park called Hamilton Viewpoint Park. Known to many locals, this park is on a high cliff and overlooks downtown Seattle, the Space Needles and Puget Sound. If there was ever a truly "place in Washington state" for a killer-looking wedding, this is it.

Tip : Contact the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department for permission.

5) Orcas Island, WA ~ If you are ready for the ride and the extended ferry ride, check out Orcas Island. The island sleeps during the winter months and is crazy busy during the popular summer season. This is a large Island with many hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. There are lots of very cool and fun places to get married – coastal guides, bluffs and bed and breakfast. Contact the Orcas Chamber of Commerce in Eastsound for specific information as they love giving free advice to engaged couples!

6) Leavenworth, WA ~ Through the mountains you can go to the picturesque German town of Leavenworth, Washington. Located in the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth is a hip and fun place to enjoy. If you are an outdoor lover, consider taking a trip to the mountains to take a stroll or maybe a wedding ceremony halfway through a river raft trip! Leavenworth also has beautiful bed and breakfast inns that specialize in small and intimate wedding ceremonies.

Rolling Stones at Washington Stadium, DC, RFK on July 4, 1972

I grew up in the late 1960s a big fan of the Rolling Stones. My godmother's daughter (does that make me my godfather?) She was the American president of the Rolling Stones fan club in 1966. I had all their records and was desperate to see them perform live.

Imagine my delight when, in the spring of 1972, tickets were available for the July 4 concert at RFK Stadium. They sold out quickly, but I managed to get a pair. Time passed very slowly for me between that day and the actual day of the concert.

We all ducked into my friend's VW and headed out. It was festival seating so we wanted to get there early enough to get decent seats. As it happens, we arrived around 1:30 pm and got the perfect seats (for a baseball game – the front row behind 3rd base excavation), and as the stage was set up in 2nd base great places for that night's performance.

So we were there, with five hours to kill before Stevie Wonder entertained us as an opening act. The strong aroma of magic tobacco floated in the air and bottles of cheap wine drifted around. It was a great atmosphere and everything was going swimmingly until we started to hear the loud harassment coming from behind us. He yelled and chanted, and it came from outside the main gate. Apparently, some kids were trying to break through security aisles and bring down the scene!

Well, this was all mild fun until someone shouted "tear gas!" Which made us all giggle until the wind changed direction and blew gas into the stadium. At that point we stopped hugging and tried to hold our breath. This worked for a while, until we really didn't need to breathe, and then it was the least embarrassing to say. Our eyes twitched and we all suffered.

Eventually the cops got the idea and stopped with tear gas. The air cleared and the first act took the stage. Stevie Wonder was fine. Almost no one cared about him (which is a shame), but he did it for about half an hour and then went off stage for much of the audience. Such is the life of the opening.

Then another 45 minutes passed and finally the Stones took the stage. If you've ever seen the movie "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Rolling Stones," it was the same tour. Probably their best tour ever. They supported their new album, Exile on Main Street. Lots of good songs on that plus that all their hits have done so far (the same hits everyone wants to hear today). Mick recorded a historic opportunity (he enrolled in economics and history after all at the London School of Economics) and congratulated all of us on our independence.

I have been to four Stones concerts over the years and each one created an atmosphere that was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I don't know what this band is all about, but they do two amazing things every time. Like I said, they create an amazing atmosphere and treat the crowd as if you were equal. There is absolutely no sign of "hey, I'm a rock star, thanks for your bread and we'll play what we want or not to play everyone, no matter." It's weird, but you really feel like your friends are next door and just hang out with you for two hours.

Well they played a little over 2 hours and 3 encors and then it was time to get back to the car and try to find our way home again. All in all just the best experience a 20-year-old could have at the time, which did not include Robert Redford and the Taburnacle Chorus of Morburg. Come on, use your imagination.

Seattle schools participate in the Washington Student Learning Test

The Washington Student Learning Assessment is being introduced for the 2006-2007 school year

The 2008 class at all Seattle schools will be required to pass a 10th grade student learning assessment in Washington, DC, which will be the way most students will receive an Academic Achievement Certificate, one of four new graduation requirements across the state. The Washington Learning Assessment Report will indicate student performance in reading, writing, and math, and science is in a separate report. Most students in Seattle schools will, of course, be successful in three classes on the first try, but for those students who may have difficulty meeting the standards, there will be opportunities to get help. These programs will help Seattle School students achieve results on Washington's assessment of learning while improving education.

Seattle schools establish student assistance programs on Washington's assessment of learning

Summer College is a groundbreaking collaboration between Seattle schools, three Seattle colleges, and the City of Seattle. The Summer College is designed to offer those students who need remedial assistance for high school students. The Summer College program will last for five weeks and will take place on the campuses of the three colleges. This will not only provide students with the help they need, but will also provide an early introduction to life on the college campus. Those students who have achieved a level 2 or lower in at least one section of the Washington Student Learning Assessment will be eligible for the program.

Another program created by Seattle schools to offer students assistants is the Summer Semester for Extended Learning. These programs aim to provide students with the opportunity to improve their reading, math, and writing skills before retesting at the Washington Student Learning Assessment. The loan program will be offered to ninth- and tenth-grade students over the summer at Ingraham, Franklin and West Seattle high schools. These courses will not only be offered in math and reading, but also in social studies, language arts, science and health. Students will need to be referred by a high school counselor before they can participate in this program. This is a solid program, but it may not suit all students.

There are several other programs that develop Seattle schools for the 2006-2007 school year. All of the high schools in the Seattle Schools system are adding some kind of student assistance to help them do their best in Washington's student learning assessment. Several high schools have added seventh grade to be used for assistance or remedial work. Mathematics and literacy classes and classroom teachers are established in most high schools. Seattle schools begin intensive teaching periods, evening school programs, contract learning and digital collaborative learning in an effort to provide student-friendly programs & # 39; different learning styles and plans.

Washington County – Visit the Florida Panhandle

Washington County is located in the heart of Florida Castle and is rich in history due to the influence of the cultures of Native Americans, Spaniards and England. It officially became a county in 1825 and was twice the size of the state of Delaware as it peaked all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The border has shifted over the next century to become one of the larger counties in Florida, with over 382,000 acres of land. You will always know when driving through Washington County, Florida. Diving hills, dense pine forests and hardwood forests dominate the landscape.

Washington County, Florida History

Washington County was named after George Washington and was eventually populated by pioneers in search of more political and economic freedoms that were associated with the vast amount of jobs in the timber and mining area. Because Washington County is rich in rivers, river settlements were popular because they provided water transportation for goods and services. The arrival of railroads brought prosperity to the inner parts of the county, giving settlers the freedom to detach from the river if they wished.

The city of Vernon is geographically central to the county, and it has the honor of being the county’s first county seat. Of course, Vernon is named after the magnificent home of George Washington, Mount Vernon. Prior to settlement, Vernon was home to several large Indian settlements. Anthropologists and archaeologists continue to work in the area to learn more about these sites.

Once the railroad was established in Washington County, the county seat moved to the city of Chipley about 1882 due to the rapid growth associated with the arrival of the railroad. However, most of the economic growth in this area came from the timber industry and everything related to it. Agriculture has made another major impact on the economy of Washington County.

Washington County, Florida Tourism

Washington County is an ideal destination for outdoor tenants. The Lodge and Lake El Rancho are the perfect place for a business meeting or even connecting children for an easy hunting weekend. El Rancho has been a unique state reserve for ducks for the past half-century. It has thousands of ducks of caliber at the same time, making it easy to shoot from boats, land or lakes. You can even bring your own hunting dog, and El Rancho will provide an airport shuttle service for you and your dog. Don't forget to bring a catch container as well, as El Rancho has a free duck cleaning service.

If hunting is not your forte, you can experience the excitement of the Greyhound race on the Ebro outdoor track. You can also reciprocate and relax during a nice fishing expedition. Washington County is the best place to try it out and a great trophy bass. Or you can visit Sunny Hills Golf and Country Club if you don't want to take a break from civilization but still want to experience the outdoors. Playing golf and enjoying the picturesque hills, trees and lakes are sure to ease your mind.

Publication in Pierce-Tacoma County Washington (08/12/2012)

Posting service is the most expensive option when serving legal documents. The most common and best type of service is always personal service; if personal service is not feasible, then replaced service is the next best alternative. The required first class mail signing service can be completed in certain circumstances, but most individuals simply will not sign the envelope, and in the end, we publish the service. Use of the publication requires an order or special permission from the court at which your claim is filed. There are several reasons why a posting service might be justified. For example, if the defendant is homeless or is told that the target is evading or evading service. For these reasons, the court may or may not order you to authorize the service by posting. This type of service is by far the most expensive and time-consuming way to provide a service to the defendant. All other options should be fully exhausted before attempting a service of this type, including multiple attempts at old addresses, depositing neighbors, family members, and any associates to minimize any possibility of requiring a good address. If you have not yet purchased a good address for an individual, you should do a skip – a clue that on your part would indicate a well-intentioned effort to find the opposite side. The process by which publication is sought varies from county to county and each local jurisdiction has its own set of rules that must be followed to satisfy the court. In most cases, the posting service is managed by lawyers, but if you cannot afford it, you can try to use a legal subscription. They offer full legal consultation on all legal issues at a nominal fee of $ 17.00 per month with no annual contract. This means that you can use the service during your case and cancel it at any time. Prepaid legal services can be purchased at Trying to navigate through the details of legal forms can be problematic, especially if you do not have a working knowledge of legal documents and civil procedure. For this reason, we recommend that you call a lawyer for further guidance before attempting to do it yourself. However, if you are unable to get a lawyer, there are some free resources that can help you along the way. offers great operating and user manuals available on their website; they are also a great resource for other legal documents and forms. Keep in mind that not all situations are alike, so be careful when using these forms, but they are also useful and not flawless. Once you have completed your declaration of service by posting and have all the documents filed with the court, you will need to obtain a court order, please note that you will need to show detailed proof that you have no other way to perform the service. Google, Wikipedia,, and the County Special Law Library are good resources with pre-paid legal information for posting service information.

Post your ad in the newspaper!

After you have signed the court order, call your county clerk for a list of lists approved for the publication of legal newsletters in your county. (RCW 65.16.070). Also see the Washington State Legislature website,, or a quick Google search (WA service) will lead to the same result. Samples of boiler plates from the State website (RCW 4.28.110) and (RCW 12.04.100) are below for reference. Most legal notices are mostly kept in the Tacoma News Tribune or the Tacoma Daily Index. The Tacoma Daily Index will run 100 words for $ 31.00 for the first day and $ 27.00 for additional days, a total of $ 409.00 for 3 weeks and $ 818.00 for a 6-week period. Publications typically run for 3 to 6 weeks in a row, depending on what litigation you have, consult a lawyer. The newspaper will generate a mailing confirmation at the end of your run. You can reach the Tribune News Tribune at 253-597-8742 or the Tacoma Daily Index at (253) -627-4853. Remember to fill out a court statement.

Samples RCW 4.28.110 and RCW 12.04.100 (District Court) are listed below.

RCW 4.28.110 (Service as of 08.12.2012)

Publication method and invitation form.

The publication shall be made in the newspapers of the general press in the county where the complaint is filed once a week for six consecutive weeks: CHECKED, publication of the invitation may not be made until after the appeal has been lodged and served. The summons must be signed by the prosecutor or his attorney or attorneys. The summons shall contain the date of the first announcement and shall require the defendant or defendants to be served with the announcement by publication and to respond to the appeal within sixty days from the date of the first announcement of the summons. and the call for publication also contains a brief statement of the subject of the action. The invitation to publish will generally be as follows:

In the Washington County Superior Court …
…, the plaintiff,


No …
…, the defendants.

Washington State to the following (designation of defendant or defendant to whom disclosure will be served):

You are invited to appear within sixty days of the date of the first publication of this summons, within sixty days after … day …, 1 …, and to defend the above proceedings in the title court above, and to answer the appeal plaintiff …, and deliver

a copy of your response to the plaintiff's undersigned attorneys …, in his (or their) office below; and in the event of your failure, judgment will be rendered to you in accordance with the request of the appeal, which was filed with the clerk of the said court. (Enter a brief statement of the subject of the action here.)


Plaintiffs attorneys.

PO address …
County …

(2011 c 336 § 98; 1985 c 469 § 2; 1895 c 86 § 2; 1893 c 127 § 10; RRS § 233.)


Publication of Legal Notices: Chapter 65.16 RCW.

RCW 12.04.100 (District Court)

(Service as per announcement since 8/12/2012)

Service by publication.

In the event that the absence of a defendant from the county requesting the initiation of personal service cannot be rendered personal service, it is appropriate to publish a summons or notice accompanied by a brief statement of the case and a prayer request or complaint, in some of the general circulation newspapers in the county where the action was initiated , which shall be published at least once a week for a period of three weeks prior to the time specified for the cause hearing, which shall not be less than four weeks from the first publication of the notice. The notification may be mainly as follows:

Washington State,

| | > |


County …
In justice, the court, … justice.

For …
We would like to inform you that he … filed an appeal (or a request, as the case may be) against you in the aforementioned court, which is to come to my office in …, in … Washington County, on … the day …, 19th AD …, at … hour … m., And if you do not show up and answer, the same will be taken as acknowledged and the claim of the plaintiff granted. The subject matter and request of the said request (or objection, as the case may be) is (insert a brief statement here).

Appeal filed …, 19th AD …
…, JP

(1985 c 469 § 6; Code 1881 § 1720; 1873 p 337 § 27; RRS § 1766.)


Legal Publications: Chapter 65.16 RCW.

(RCW 65.16.010-160) – (8/12/2012)

(RCW 12/04/100) – (08/12/2012)

(RCW 4.28.100) – (08/12/2012)

(RCW 4.28.110) – (8/12/2012)